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DANK DANK - Keeping kind since 2009 Website @DANKCOLORADO Join our hard-working grow crew at DANK to experience an elevated work-life. We cultivate 40 strains of medical and adult use cannabis. We are a tier 1 grow facility, keeping kind since 2009. We are looking for an entry-level and mid-level grow support with the capability to learn and apply the standard operating procedures we have put into place. You must possess a strong work ethic, always open to help others as needed. You must respect your co-workers, get along well with others. You must be able to be on your feet for the 8 hour work-shift. You must be able to perform manual labor in the cultivation of cannabis, including moving ladders, hoses, trim machines, soil and plants. Your responsibilities include weekly harvests, trimming, transplanting, sanitization, watering, pruning and other horticulture practices. If you want to grow your career in cannabis, contact us. We want you to succeed. Rate: $12 - $18 / hour >>> You must possess a State Occupational Badge to apply. >>> You must email (1) your badge number (no photo please), (2) a resume to [email protected] >>> In the email, include the answers to the following questions to qualify: 1. Who wrote, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”? 2. How many grams are in a pound?

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Denver, Colorado
United States