The Downtown Dispensary’s Receptionist position has the primary responsibility of providing secretarial, clerical, and administrative support in order to ensure that services are provided in an effective and efficient manner. This is a desk-based job, as reception needs to be manned at all times. The applicant must demonstrate strong analytical and problem solving skills, effective verbal and listening communications skills, and computer skills including Microsoft Office and Mac Operating systems. The receptionist will have to manage a fast paced environment and will need excellent organizational and time/stress management skills to complete the required tasks. The applicant must have proficient knowledge in the following areas: · Office administration and basic clerical duties/responsibilities · Benefits and side effects of medical marijuana · Strains, effects, and different modalities of medicating with medical marijuana Principal Duties: · Greet, assist, and/or direct patients visitors, and the general public · Receive, direct, and relay telephone messages and emails · Re-direct calls as appropriate and take adequate messages when required · Monitoring patient intake through The Downtown Dispensary’s POS system and Arizona Department of Health Services · Maintaining continuity among work teams by documenting and communicating actions, irregularities, and continuing needs · Maintain a current and accurate filing system Skill/Qualifications: · Telephone Skills · Verbal/Written Communication Skills · Professional Appearance · Customer Focus – ability to be resourceful and proactive in dealing with issues and inquiries, both in person and on the telephone · Organization · Ability to organize, multitask, prioritize, and work under pressure · Supply Management You cannot work at The Downtown Dispensary or any state-licensed dispensary in Arizona if you have been convicted of an excluded felony offense as per A.R.S. § 36-2801. This is the definition of an excluded felony offense: (a) A violent crime as defined in section 13-901.03, subsection B, that was classified as a felony in the jurisdiction where the person was convicted. A.R.S. § 13-901.03 – B. For the purpose of this section, “violent crime” includes any criminal act that results in death or physical injury or any criminal use of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument. (b) A violation of a state or federal controlled substance law that was classified as a felony in the jurisdiction where the person was convicted but does not include: (i) An offense for which the sentence, including any term of probation, incarceration or supervised release, was completed ten or more years earlier. (ii) An offense involving conduct that would be immune from arrest, prosecution or penalty under section 36-2811 except that the conduct occurred before the effective date of this chapter or was prosecuted by an authority other than the state of Arizona

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