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Whether you're experienced with marijuana, or never tried it, you'll find Cannabiz Experience to be a comfortable store that will make your next experience an amazing one. Our mission is to be known as the trusted cannabis “One Stop Shop” where product and information is valuable, easily obtained, and comprehend-able. OUR STORY I spent twenty-seven years of my life selling a service that had a two-year sale-cycle. It was a great job, but I was burnt out–I just couldn’t do it anymore. When I had, had enough, I asked my drug dealer, who had great customer service if he would consider opening a dispensary in Florida? He said, “that the vote wouldn’t pass,” and he was right. For about eight months, I researched all fifty states and the laws they had regarding marijuana. I finally decided that Oregon was the place to be! We made many trips back and forth from Florida to Oregon, and every trip was a full schedule. We were well on our way to reaching our goal. Then I had to decide if I really wanted a business partner or if I wanted to go my own way. I told Bill that if he wanted to continue in this venture with me that I would need 51% of the company, but we would split the money equally. I wanted this business to succeed success and needed his help, but, I knew I couldn’t do it without full control of the company. He begged me for a week to reconsider my decision, but I wouldn’t budge. He knew pot, but I knew this had to be a business. It was one of the hardest decisions of my life. To endeavor on a business venture 3,000 miles away from home, leaving behind the girl I loved, spending all my savings, was scary. And I had to do it all on my own. The plan, to find a grow site, learn the medical marijuana industry for myself, then to transition to recreational. First, I needed the farm, then I needed the store. I know that I am not here to grow marijuana, but to grow a business. After searching for the perfect location in Oregon, I turned my sites on Medford. Finally, my dedication paid off, 333 North Riverside Ave. Not only was the building and location perfect, but the seller was motivated and supportive. Thirty-one days after purchasing the building, the OLCC did their inspection for our retail license, and Cannabiz Experience was one step closer to reality. I have had about two years to learn this culture and the people. My vision for the store has evolved over time. From day one, I had this vision in mind: to have a tidal wave hit the West coast dropping buds over the land as the wave made its way towards the East Coast, covering the full country over time. Although my vision is still alive, it has been overpowered by the great people of Oregon. I want them to have an enjoyable time while purchasing the product.

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