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Minnesota Medical Solutions iss a patient-centered group of Minnesota scientists, physicians and healthcare professionals who have built a comprehensive plan for medical cannabis patients in Minnesota. Our approach is to insert standard medical, scientific, business and operational principles into the medical cannabis industry, something that is still relatively rare for medical cannabis producers. Minnesota Medical Solutions also is built with a broad Minnesota investor base that includes physicians, teachers, farmers and other community members. This investor base allows us to focus on patients and our community. The final piece of the Minnesota Medical Solutions team is our partnership with multiple national partners with direct medical cannabis experience. MinnMed holds that it is important to partner with multiple national partners for each step of the cannabis-based medicine production process given the highly black and white and often myth-driven nature of the industry. Using these multiple points of data allows MinnMed to clearly define industry best practices and provide the floor from which we will jump, providing the patients of Minnesota the safest possible cannabis-based medicines.

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