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Siskiyou Medical Supply was founded in 2013 by Michael Welch, owner and operator of PUFFS Smoke Shop. Using the same group of employees that has turned PUFFS into an Ashland landmark, we took aim at a subject near and dear to the hearts of all of us, medical marijuana. Each of us has a different reason for being involved with Siskiyou Medical Supply, an Ashland, Oregon dispensary, and each of us brings a different set of skills that compliment each other and make SMS a fitting partner to PUFFS. Some of us are the business side. Some of us use years of experience and study to help create the knowledge base that drives us to help and honor as many of our customers as we can. All of us have dealt with some form of harassment, fear, prosecution and discrimination that used to come with working in this industry. We endeavor to share the years of combined experiences and knowledge of all these topics and more with anyone who has the time to come in and inquire about them. Some of us are smarter or nicer or faster, or put your adjective here, but it is the combination of all of our strengths and faults that make SMS, what we envision it to be: one of the premiere location for satisfying any and all questions about marijuana and its effects on our patients health, mental and physical. As the one of your Ashland, Oregon dispensaries, SMS always focuses on providing quality service and a knowledgeable resource to our patients. The unique chemistry that only years of working together can provide, allows us to help and educate the populace at large while still keeping the small town family feeling that Ashland, Oregon residents have come to love and appreciate. We aren't the biggest or the flashiest. We don't have the most inventory or the lowest prices. What we do have is employees and staff that care more about patients and our friends than we do about making lots of money. We care about making a storefront that feels like home and doesn't exclude anyone or any product that might help. In a word, we just care.

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