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Molalla is a wonderful city where goodwill is given freely by many. It's a small comunnity and we rely on each other. That's why our patients are all so special to us! Every day we go home smiling having met so many great people. As thanks, we strive to provide a warm atmosphere where folks can feel at home and take their own pace choosing the perfect medicine. We cater to all and want each person to have their version of a perfect experience. We carry a wide variety of medicine so that you can find out what really works for you. There is no lengthy wait at Today's Herbal Choice. Most new patients are shopping a minute or so after entry. We try to make each facet of our dispensary convenient so feedback is crucial. If we use your suggestion we will thank you for it!! In 2014 we opened our first store in Portland Oregon. We loved the community and made lasting friendships with many of the patients who came there. However, the store was far from home so we bid farewell and in March of 2015 rented a space from a dear friend in the owner's hometown of Molalla. He's lived here for 35 years and wanted to open in Molalla from the start. Current ordinances and zoning hadn't allowed that at the time, which is how we ended up in Portland. And so, we put everything we had into this new location to help his dream come true. Using all of our savings and the money from the sale of our Portland store we built the space out and applied for our marijuana dispensary license from OHA. We achieved this in only a few months and were very excited to open! Next we just needed our business license. Molalla was in a moratorium that we believed then would be lifted in May. Sadly, it wasn't. On top of that the space we had rented ended up needing to be anexed due to a decades old clerical error. It was looking a little glum but we did not give up. Through dozens of meetings and phone calls with the city council we were able to help (with the many fine and wonderful members of the community) get a marijuana ordinance passed that allowed us to open and yet, we still didn't have our business license. Come January we managed to get the property annexed and then had to do all of the things that come with that. So finally, after a year and some odd months, we were finally able to open and start serving the wonderful community of Molalla! ​ Since this is the owner's home town he wants to give preference to all local growers and producers. We are all in this together and what better way than by supporting our friends and famliy first. Please inquire at the store if you are an experienced local grower.

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