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10 Facts About Marijuana

Marijuana, also known as Cannabis plant is mainly used as psychoactive drug with known combining effects as depressant, hallucinogenic and stimulants. Marijuana is also classified as Schedule 1 drug. This simply means that possession as well as illegal dispensing of this weed is prohibited by law. There have been countless debates, clashing opinions and arguments regarding cannabis use for therapeutic purposes as well as legalization of marijuana.

But despite all these arguments and clashing opinions, it can never be denied that there are still many good things about marijuana. The following are 10 good facts about this weed:

  1. Marijuana contains essential compounds that force cancer cells to freeze and stop them from spreading. The primary cannabinoids of marijuana are proven to be cancer killers.
  2. Marijuana can reverse carcinogenic effects of tobacco and improve lung health. Studies revealed that marijuana does not really impair the lung functions but increase its capacity instead. The increased lung capacity is made possible through taking deep breaths while inhaling weeds and not actually from the chemicals found in the drug.
  3. Marijuana promotes ideal brain health. Weeds are not supposed to kill brain cells. In fact, the cannabinoid’s ability is proven to promote better brain functions including memory and mood.
  4. Cannabis weeds can be made into cannabutter. This is perfect if you are having some friends over and you wanted to make special cakes or brownies. A cannabutter recipe is all you need.
  5. Marijuana lowers the suicide rate. Some individuals might be surprised upon knowing this but this is one good fact about weeds. It is certainly interesting that marijuana has become one of the good keys for suicide prevention.
  6. Weeds benefit health. It is true that marijuana is good for the health. These days, there’s a rapidly increasing interest  on the use of weeds or medical marijuana in treatments of variety of illnesses including  but not limited to menstrual cramps, migraines, cancer and more. Marijuana is believed to save lives.
  7. Some do not really prefer this, but eating weeds is now a possible option. However, individuals have to note that eating weeds takes about 30 to 90 minutes before you can feel the effects.
  8. Another good fact about weeds is that these can give you a good night sleep. It has become a habit for so many people to use marijuana before bedtime. Aside from easing insomnia, marijuana can help give you a long and deep sleep. This is because of the cannabinoids which is actually responsible for better regulating sleep.
  9. It is also widely known that smoking weeds helps reduce stress and anxiety putting individuals in a more relaxed state.
  10. You can grow this weed using a machine. Technology that surrounds marijuana is continuously advancing. If you do not have enough time to grow your weeds for varied reasons like hectic work schedule, lack of sufficient knowledge on how to grow weeds and more, you can now grow weeds using a particular machine. This machine grows your cannabis and alerts you when the weed is ready.