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10 Practical Advices for Marijuana Indoor Growing

Growing cannabis is a time-consuming process that demands significant resources and constant attention. There’s a learning curve to this activity because one needs to know a lot to produce marijuana indoors. If you learn the essentials for growing marijuana and succeed at applying this knowledge in practice, the whole process will be a great and fulfilling venture.

To help you avoid the most common struggles people face when trying to grow cannabis indoors, we have prepared ten useful tips in this article. By following them, you should grow your cannabis indoors in a proper way and maximize the end result.

Advice #1: Begin with a Seed

There are two ways to start growing cannabis indoors: with clones or seeds. The choice is critical because each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages; for example, cultivation time of clones is shorter than that of seeds but they are much more likely to get pest infection or develop diseases.

Therefore, seeds should be your first choice.

Advice #2: Pick up the Right Genetics

When it comes to growing cannabis indoors, genetics play a fundamental role. Every strain has unique properties; for example, Trainwreck strain produces euphoria, relaxation, and improves creativity.

Also, consider genetics to ensure that you have the right environment for the strain you chose. For example, autoflowering strains grow well in a small indoor place while strains that have huge, towering bushes are the best option for a large space.

Advice #3: Window Growing is a Bad Way to Go

Many people have failed by trying to grow their plants near windows. While the sun is the best source of light for everything, counting on it as the only source is a bad idea. The thing is, marijuana plants need as much light as you can possibly provide, therefore, using lights will accelerate the process of growing and help to produce the best harvest.


Image Credit: Pixabay (Free Image)

Advice #4: Provide Proper Light Conditions

Let’s talk about light a bit more. Fortunately, light is the equipment that can be easily controlled, so you can facilitate the growth of cannabis plants and keep them healthy. While selecting the best light, go with LED. They are the perfect tool for the job.

Besides, keep in mind that the plants need light in blue spectrum during the vegetative stage (between 13 and 24 hours of light) and in red spectrum during the flowering stage (12 hours of light and 12 hours of complete darkness).

Advice #5: Use a Quality Fertilizer

Another mistake that many beginners commit is thinking that any fertilizer at the garden store will do the job. Naturally, the plants will grow, but they won’t thrive like you want them to with a poor quality fertilizer. Selecting the right one requires a bit of special knowledge.

There is an NPK ratio displayed on the packaging on most fertilizers. It indicates the concentration of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). During the vegetative stage, it is better to use a fertilizer high in nitrogen than the two other elements; but your best option for the flowering stage is the one rich in phosphorus.


Image Credit: Flickr (Free image)

Advice #6: Right Room Temperature

It goes without saying that temperature is vitally important for growing any plant indoors, so keep close attention to it. The following are the recommended temperature values for cannabis:

  • The ideal temperature is between 68 F and 77 F with lights on
  • When lights are off, keep the temperature between 62 F and 72 F.

Advice #7: Do Not Over Water

Too much water can be deadly for a cannabis plant. It is commonly recommended to allow the soil to get crusty after germination. Then check for moisture by sticking your finger 3 inches under the soil. If still crusty, water thoroughly.

Advice #8: Don’t Prune Too Much

Chances are you heard that pruning increases growth in plants and trees. Well, it does, but if you get a little bit crazy with it, you may prune down an entire plant, which is equal to killing it.

Advice #9: Keep Everything Clean

Marijuana plant is highly susceptible to diseases. That’s why you need to wash your hands and clean the tools every time before handling yours.

Advice #10: Harvest at the Right Time

This is tough for many, and that’s why harvesting early is one of the most common mistakes. Be sure to harvest when the plants reached maturity because you have put a lot of effort into this. So remember: the time to harvest arrives when the white hairs have turned rusty red or brown.

The Bottom Line

Clearly, growing marijuana indoors requires some special knowledge. That’s why the last tip for you is: read, read, and read. The more information you have, the less mistakes you will make.


Written By Kathrin Garner