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12-Year Old Girl is Making Waves in Cannabis

For quite some time now, there has been a battle raging in the United States, with pro-cannabis advocates squaring off against stubborn politicians who cannot seem to get over their preconceived notions about this incredible plant. Those against the legalization of marijuana will often point to the stoner, slacker type of person, which is who they equate with cannabis use. With legalization now starting to spread, it is becoming clear that those stoner stereotypes need to be ditched in favor of the real face of cannabis, which sometimes comes in the form of a 12-year old little girl.

Right now, it is a pre-teen girl who is making the biggest noise in the fight to legalize cannabis, and she is doing so because she knows firsthand the positive impact that the plant could make in the lives of so many in her situation. Raised in Texas, Alexis Bortell and her family were put into a position where they were required to uproot the entire family and move to Colorado, as making that move would grant Alexis access to the cannabis oil that could change her health and life in a truly dramatic way. The results have been outstanding since the move, and now 12-year old Alexis wants to play a role in ensuring that other kids, as well as adults, can get access to the type of medical care that has changed her life for the better.

During her time in Texas, Alexis suffered terrible seizures every day or two. At the prompting of the family physician, the Bortell family decided to video these seizures to highlight just how devastating they truly were. The goal was to try and help get medical marijuana legalized in the state of Texas, but as is the case in many states, it’s a slow-moving process that is being bogged down in the political world. The family decided to move to a farm in Colorado to gain access to cannabis oil, and that is when things really started to change.

Once she started being treated with the cannabis oil, which is free of the THC element that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties, Alexis found that her seizures not only started to become less frequent, they eventually stopped entirely. All previous attempts to stop the seizures using epilepsy medications had failed, so the success of the cannabis oil once again proved the amazing medical properties that the plant contains.

Not content with just being in great health, Alexis decided to tell her story to the masses, and has now also filed a lawsuit against the DEA and Attorney General Jeff Sessions for their negative stance on the medical marijuana issue. She has also written a book about her experience, and is living the life of a happy, healthy 12-year old. That she may end up being the person that is the driving force behind making cannabis legal all across the United States is a sign that this little girl is wise beyond her years.