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5 Things to Know About Edibles


As edibles have becoming more available and popular to use there are some vital things you need to know.

1. Unlike smoking marijuana, edibles take time to take affect this is because of the way the body will break them down, it is recommended that starting off a person take a small dose of 5-10 mgs. It is recommended that you wait from between half an hour up to two hours to see the affect if this has no affect another small piece should be taken.  Some people have reported on the high taking up to three hours. Give your system time to break down the edible as The buzz from edible marijuana is far greater and lasts much longer than that of vaping or smoking .

2. There are different types of edibles just the same as different types of cannabis to smoke. Just like smoking different types eating different types of edibles all give different highs. Sativa gives a head high which usually gives you energy and motivation

Indica creates sluggish body high and can be used to aid with pain relief and insomnia.

Hybrids are an in-between leaving your body relaxed but your mind alert. It is very important to understand which edible you are consuming so that you know what reaction to expect from your body.

3. The scientific research has been aimed primarily at smoking marijuana therefore the effects on the mind and body of edible is still relatively unknown, so therefore it is up to the consumers to proceed with caution

4. Always read all labels on your edibles as they may contain other ingredients you are allergic to. Because cannabis may react differently with other food sources it is imperative that the user is aware of what they have taken. When you smoke a bud of marijuana, you are smoking plant material from an individual plant, but when you consume edibles it is typically in the form of oil added to the food recipe, since the bud is required for the smoking market the oil is made from the trim, this use to be considered a waste product, the manufactures may not know where the trim has come from or what strain of plant or even the same plant. Because trim is, even now, a relatively low-value by-product of bud production, it doesn't get treated with great care or attention by growers. Bags of trim can contain hairs, rubber bands, and other debris, and they can sit around on shelves for weeks or months while growers tend to more profitable matters

5. Always try to take your edibles in an area you feel comfortable safe and secure. While this may not be the first time you have done edible your reaction may be different this time, so it’s important to feel secure and safe, always have people you trust around. It is also important to follow rules i.e.: do not take before you need to drive or have to be someplace. Sometimes on a person’s first try they experience paranoia so it is best to not do it in public.