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5 Tips On How To Choose The Right Kind Of Marijuana For You

When it comes to Marijuana the progress is of course overwhelming. Legalization in various states has triggered user interest across the world looking to understand what makes this plant so special. But all this attention has led to so much of information available online that it's hard to understand how an individual can harness the benefits of this plant. The strains, THC and CBD concentrations, the method of consumption etc, could all seem very confusing.

From basic classification of Indica, Sativa or Hybrid to popular names offered to different varieties, everything has it's own significance. With proper knowledge about the various strains and way to choose it becomes easy to order weed online even from the vast pool of choices available. But these 5 tips below will help in understanding these and can guide you towards the right marijuana for you.


There is no understanding of Cannabis without familiarizing the terms-  THC and CBD. The first step to choose the right strain always starts with the question of what effect do you expect from it. And based on the effect expected you can choose the one for you. 

CBD is a cannabinoid present in Cannabis which contributes to various medical benefits associated with the plant. The substance does not have any psychoactive effects and instead bonds with the receptors in the body to have a healing effect. High CBD content is a good choice for first-time users and for people who would like to enjoy the medicinal effects of Marijuana.

THC, on the other hand, has psychoactive effects in the body and is responsible for the “high” when you consume marijuana. High THC strains are the choice for recreational purposes. It is also useful for treating certain conditions such as anxiety.  

Know the classification and types

Marijuana 101 will begin with the basic classification of the two types of Marijuana that is popularly available across the world. These 2 types of strains are Indica and Sativa. Cannabis Indica is a bushy and short plant that has wide leaves and gives much higher yield compared to Sativa strain. It typically contains high CBD concentration compared to THC and is useful for mental relaxation. It is useful for treating chronic pain, relaxing the muscle, increasing appetite etc. The strain dominantly grows in colder areas of the globe.

Cannabis Sativa, on the other hand, is a tall plant with narrow leaves that grows in East Asian countries. The leaves are a slightly lighter shade of green and require more light. This strain has higher THC concentration and is effective for treating anxiety, it’s also an antidepressant, it enhances creativity and focus and increases energy in the body. 

Hybrids of these two dominant strains are the most popular varieties which are available under various names based on their appearance, effects, the ratio of Sativa to Indica etc. These hybrids aim to bring the best of both worlds and offer wonderful strains that you can enjoy recreationally apart from having seamless medical cannabis or cannabis seeds benefits. 

Read about the strains

Just like the type, the strain of Marijuana is also an important characteristic to understand before choosing the right one. Based on the purpose why you would like to use marijuana you can choose the right strains which fall under one of the three types discussed above. 

If you are looking for a strain to treat pain related to headaches or discomfort caused by insomnia then Strawberry Kush strain might be good for you. These induce euphoria thus uplifting your mood. If you are looking at strains such as Black Diamond strain, these are particularly effective in moderate cases of anxiety and depression.

Understand your tolerance and preferences

The best way to enjoy marijuana is to consume it in quantities that your body can accept. This way you can be sure not to experience any discomfort or side effects. So, for relatively new users it is best to look for a low THC strain that will help you slowly get acquainted with the feeling of high. This will help you enjoy the beauty of Cannabis without getting ‘high’. If you have experience with cannabis, slightly stronger strains with high THC strains such as the quantum seed kush variety can be a great choice. Also, carefully look for the smell of Cannabis that you are about to choose. While some smell fruity and sweet others are earthy and musky. Pick the aroma you feel comfortable with.

Learn to examine the quality

Theoretically, you might have landed the best strain for the effects you are looking for. But in reality, the quality of strain you can get access to makes all the difference. With synthetic marijuana in rounds and low-quality adulteration also happening, it could be tricky for first-time users to get their hands on a good quality product. A good quality cannabis will look vibrantly green and should have trichome crystals covering it evidently visible with naked eye. If the leaf looks brown or black it might be old or of low quality.

Also, understand the availability of the strain you are looking for in local dispensaries or online stores so you can have access to it. If the one you are looking for is not easily available then research about the strains which are popularly grown by the local cannabis growers and look for the closest alternative. This way you can also ensure you get good quality and fresh Cannabis and cannabis seeds anytime.

By: Nancy Fernandez

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