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7 Surprising Benefits of Cannabis Oil for Health and Beauty: Part II

3. Improve Skin Condition

In fact, it is quite challenging for people to have a thought that cannabis oil can be an effective treatment for skin diseases. The question is: how will cannabis oil be a useful method? Cannabis oil contains powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, working in conjunction with anti-aging properties, helping heal and smooth out the skin. Additionally, cannabis plant consists of a huge quantity of Omega 3 - fatty acids, thereby keeping the skin hydrated and preventing sun-damaged skin.

Furthermore, thanks to its ability to alleviate stress, cannabis essential oil also assists you in preventing some types of skin disorders which break down during times of stress and anxiety like rosacea or eczema.

4. Heal Broken Bones Quickly

The medical applications of cannabis are being detected and recognized by the scientific community at a rapid pace. When it comes to benefits of cannabis oil, it has to be said that this essential oil gives positive effects on broken bones or organ transplants. Endocannabinoid receptors make a contribution to bone formation and fight aging-related bone diseases such as osteoporosis. Both THC and CBD facilitate bone metabolism, in which the old bone is replaced with the new one. Besides, the CBD even accelerates the healing process after a fracture. The best way to take advantage of this essential oil for broken bones is to topically apply it to the painful areas.

5. Improve Hair Health

As a matter of fact, we lose our hair every day. Nevertheless, if your hair falls down more than one hundred per day, you are coping with hair loss. In such case, you need to pay attention to take care of your hair health. It sounds odd but cannabis essential oil might help you solve this problem. It acts as a great tonic for your hair.

Cannabis oil contains fatty acids that can help nourish the damaged hair and enhance hair growth. In cannabis oil, the gamma-linoleic acid has the ability to nourish the scalp while protein helps strengthen and revitalize damaged or weak hair strands.

All you have to do is to apply cannabis oil on your hair roots. After several times of application, you will see significant improvement in your hair health.

6. Alleviate Pain

According to a survey, every day in the United States, there are approximately 44 people dying because of overdosing opioids. Pain medications can also cause severe psychological sequelae, dependence (both physical and mental) or even medicine addiction. Fortunately, Cannabis has been proven its great analgesic effect. Not only does cannabis help relieve the pain, but it also plays a role of antibiotics. As a result, it alleviates pain through targeting the pain receptors as a natural painkiller.

In many cases of chronic pain, the sensory organs become too sensitive to the input signals. Using medical cannabis oil will help bind certain receptors, which helps relieve pain. Over time, cannabis will help the brain get used to it, making it less susceptible to pain.

7. Protect Heart Health

One of interesting health benefits of cannabis oil is its ability to protect heart health thanks to antioxidant properties. Cannabinoids found in cannabis helps the blood vessels to relax, thereby boosting blood circulation and reduce blood pressure.

It explains why cannabis can help stroke victims recover faster by reducing the area of the brain damaged by a stroke. The neurogenerative properties of cannabis help to restore neural function in patients with heart disease.

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