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9 Best Cannabis Tours For Your Next Vacation!

As marijuana tourism has grown in popularity in the United States, marijuana tours & dispensaries have now become a popular opportunity for the public to learn the ins and outs of the industry and how marijuana can ultimately benefit society as a whole.

Many cannabis tour companies take guests on tours through glassblowing demonstrations, commercial grow facilities, and recreational dispensaries.

Because all tours take unique approaches to the cannabis scene, it’s important that you do your homework ahead of time so you can choose the tour that will give you just the right experience you’re looking for.

Certain tour companies mainly offer group tours in the limousine or large limo bus, which often run during the weekend. In comparison, other marijuana tour operators mainly work with smaller groups or offer private concierge services.

During the tour, you will have the opportunity to purchase marijuana at recreational marijuana dispensaries and learn about the difference between sativa, indica, and hybrid strains.

Tour guides will warn you not to consume your stash in one sitting if you wish to enjoy the tour from start to finish. Though according to Susan Squibb of The Cannabist, tour guides almost always expect someone to push the envelope and break it as a result. As they say, there’s always that “one guy”…

Our advice? Listen to the tour guides, indulge in your stash responsibly, and enjoy the company of the other guests!

Anyhow, you’ll some of the tours that we’ve come across that we think you’ll find to be outstanding experiences, so make sure you bookmark this guide if you’re ever in the area and give one of these tours a try!

And seriously, where else in the world do you get to legally smoke pot on a bus? That’s gotta be on every cool person’s bucket list for sure! Puff, puff, pass!

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