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Cannabis Is The Only Skincare You Need

Cannabis - the wonder plant has been helping a lot of people for years. It finds an extensive use in almost all fields of human existence. The world of skincare is no exception. Of late, Cannabis has emerged as a hot trend in skincare and is being highly used to manufacture skincare products. This magical plant is already popular enough for its medicinal uses and reducing anxiety. Quick relief from pain is yet another benefit. Adding skincare to the list introduces it to the wellness and cosmetics space. 

Let’s have a quick peek into the secrets behind the increasing use of Cannabis for skincare. After all, it is high time that you take your skincare game to the next level with Cannabis.

Why Cannabis?

Talking about the benefits of Cannabis for skin, it is important to understand that why out of all, Cannabis is the cure. The most common cause of skin problems is inflammation.  Whether it is acne or rosacea, inflammation is the reason. If we do something to reduce or curb inflammation, it is obvious that a lot of common skin problems will be solved. Cannabis - the wonder plant is a very strong anti-inflammatory agent. Apart from that, it has a strong anti-oxidizing effect too. 

A regular use of Cannabis and cannabis-based products can help to alleviate common symptoms of skin problems like puffiness, swelling, and soreness. Moreover, Cannabis is often termed as a one-stop solution for all the skin problems. It has a unique ability to target a lot of skin problems simultaneously. 

The different components of the Cannabis plant have different therapeutic and healing properties. Using all of this together can fetch some really wonderful results. Another reason why cannabis is so popular is that it does not have any side effects whatsoever. It has a targeted action and does not react with the other body parts. In case, you are wondering whether the use of cannabis is legal or not, a lot of states (31 to be exact) have legalized the use of medical marijuana. 

However, make sure that you buy cannabis or cannabis-based products for medical use from a renowned medical marijuana dispensary only. In fact, you can conveniently buy CBD oil for skincare from an online dispensary too. They often have high-quality marijuana seeds for sale and offer a quick delivery and quality service.  

CBD For Skin Care 

CBD is a naturally occurring constituent of cannabis. Did you know that topical CBD can be applied on the human skin like any other lotion or moisturizer available in the market? Amazing enough? What’s even amazing is that unlike those cosmetic products without any health benefits for skin, CBD is healthy for the skin! It is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory agents known to mankind and is good for you cosmetically as well as for improving the health and life of skin cells. You can even use it as a lip balm to keep them from getting painfully dry especially during winters. 

A study shows that CBD is particularly beneficial for those struggling with acne and pimples. Its strong anti-inflammatory action prohibits the growth of acne. It refreshes the skin and helps you look younger and healthier. 

Let us quickly understand how exactly does CBD work! So, the logic is that there is a special set of receptors in the skin. The scientific term for these receptors is TRPV1 receptors. CBD oil when consumed or applied to the skin binds to these receptors and starts its action. It brings along a soothing effect and provides instant relief from itching, pain and, irritation of the skin. It is also beneficial for people suffering from eczema and helps prevent dry patches on the skin. 

Although you can easily buy CBD and other Cannabis products, you may grow it in your home too. If you are familiar with basic gardening practices, you are all set to grow indoor marijuana. Consult some standard online resources on how to grow weed if you want any additional information. 

Hemp Seed Oil For Skincare 

Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis plant grown especially for industrial purposes. Apart from CBD oil, nano enhanced hemp oil and hemp seed oil is highly recommended for skincare. It is a lightweight oil rich in lipids. It keeps the skin hydrated without clogging the pores. Thus, while keeping the skin hydrated and non sticky it lets it breathe and be natural. 

Of late, the Cannabis craze has taken over the world of skincare. It is natural, effective and quick in its action. As compared to other pharmaceutical and cosmetic skincare products it does not have any side effects. Citing all these reasons, a lot of people are switching to Cannabis-based skincare products. Although Cannabis is yet a new term in the luxury and welfare industry, it is surely going to be the way of healthy living soon. 

By Crystal M. Wilson