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Cannabis​ ​Most​ ​Ardent​ ​Followers​ ​-​ ​Top​ ​10​ ​Celebrities


A plenty of celebrities are quite outspoken about their love for the green herb. For instance, Snoop Dogg and Rihanna. They don’t really give a damn of what the other people think about them and have even lent a helping hand in its legalisation too. You may not know the names of a few celebrities who are the regular consumers and supporters of weed. So, we’ve compiled a list of 15 celebrities who smoke and don’t care about anyone knowing it.

1.​ ​Rihanna:​ Being one of the most renowned singers, she openly expresses her passion for smoking pot. She boldly posts her pictures and videos on her social media handles of consuming marijuana. She even wore a weed themed costume for Halloween. She even admits that she is a regular marijuana consumer. She also encourages its legalization.

2.​ ​Justin​ ​Timberlake:​ From a singer to an actor, this man is quite straight up on his love for smoking cannabis. He claims that he loves pot because that makes him stop thinking. He also believes that some people are better off when they are high. He encourages permitting the use of cannabis and decriminalizing its usage. He is of the view that it will help in minimising crime in the US effectively.

3.​ ​Miley​ ​Cirus:​ This pop singer has globalised her personality as the one who doesn’t pay attention to what people think of her. She professes in an interview that “weed is the best drug on earth”. She has even smoked pot onstage and sold gold rolling edible papers of approximately 65$. She is blunt on the views for legalisation of cannabis and supports it fully.

4.​ ​Snoop​ ​Dogg:​ Snoop’s marijuana game is as strong as his rap game. He has been known to smoke since he was 8 or 9 years old. He has never refrained from openly expressing his love for the grass and has smoked during his shows as well. He believes that it’s no harm to do that as he is not doing any harm by smoking pot openly. His documentary ‘Snoop Resurrection’ also shows his regular habit of consuming marijuana.

5.​ ​Jennifer​ ​Aniston:​ The ‘Friends’ Star, Jennifer Aniston says that she enjoys consuming cannabis once in awhile. She also believes that there is nothing wrong that with it and doesn’t consider herself a ‘pothead’. She is convinced that the herb doesn’t do much harm. She doesn’t nag about people knowing that she is fond of marijuana.

6.​ ​Zach​ ​Galifianakis:​ Famous for his hilarious roles, this man has been seen smoking point live on his HBO show. The funniest sight to see was when he lights up a joint, puffs and passes it on to the other members while interacting about its prohibition. So, it's easy to figure out that he loves the pot.

7.​ ​Whoopi​ ​Goldberg:​ Whoopi consumes medical marijuana to treat glaucoma and firmly believes that it should be legalized. She has her own line for marijuana imbued products and has even written on the benefits of medical marijuana usage. She is also associated with the medicinal marijuana market.

8.​ ​Cameron​ ​Diaz:​ Diaz has been known to smoke pot since her high school. She also says that Snoop was her dealer at that time. She has been seen smoking weed at the beaches and during vacations. She doesn’t hide her yearning for it and continues to enjoy it.

9.​ ​Lady​ ​Gaga:​ This young singer has a bizarre personality and she frankly declares that she is addicted to marijuana. She says that it helps her to overcome the anxiety, fear and stress in her career. She considers it as an act of ‘self-medication’. She is of the opinion that it helps her to be more productive in her work. She has also been seen smoking weed on stage.

10.​ ​Sarah​ ​Silverman:​ This gorgeous actress and comedian is not conscious about letting the world know that she smokes pot. She has also been smoking e-liquid in public and on camera as well. Seth Rogan also said that she was the first person he ever smoked pot with. She has also been seen consuming her share with her stepmom.

Aren’t these celebrities just like us? ;) So, let’s enjoy our share of cannabis just like they do.


Written By Nancy R. Fernanadez