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Herban Planet, LLC Cannabis pairing is a relatively new activity in the culinary world, but it is definitely becoming quite popular.

Cannabis Pairing with Food/Drinks/Seasonings


In case you didn’t know, cannabis goes well with food and drinks. Now that marijuana is legalized in many countries, it is quite natural for people to begin pairing this healthy herb with drinks, foods, and seasonings.


Using cannabis and alcohol sounds like a college thing to many people, but the truth is that there are some wonderful combinations of these two things that can help you relax and enjoy your time. We should not forget that cannabis comes with different flavors which mean that you can make combinations with different strains. The same goes for beer for example. Generally speaking, light beers are better than dark varieties especially when it comes to beginners in this field. If you are a wine lover, you won’t be disappointed if you use cannabis with wine. For example, red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon can be paired with Berry OG or Golden Goat varieties while Sangiovese provides perfect flavor when used together with Himalayan Gold and Church OG. Another thing that is worth mentioning about cannabis pairing with drinks is the fact that you can use it with whiskey and liquor too. On the other hand, in the recent period more and more people are using cannabis/coffee combo. Of course, the Dutch people have figured out that these two things get along a long time ago and this is the reason why they have cannabis coffee shops.


We all know how good French fries and chips taste after or while we are smoking cannabis and the same goes for chocolates. But, it turns out that there are some healthier and more interesting combinations that cannabis enthusiasts can make. The Super Lemon Haze, for example, can be used together with some classic desserts like cheesecake, apple pie and pumpkin cupcakes because it has distinctive citrus and floral tones. The well-known OG Kush can be used with mashed potatoes and red meat. Some say that this ideal representative of cannabis matches well with white meats like poultry or wild game, but this depends on the individual’s taste. The Blue Dream strain is best-known for its sweet aroma and many people use it as a dessert on its own after meals. However, if you want to make a memorable combination with some food, use it together with cakes and vanilla ice cream. Skywalker OG is another well-known strain that has an earthy and musky scent which is preferred by most cannabis users. Baked sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie will definitely taste better if people use Skywalker OG. The fact is that people are still exploring all the options that food and cannabis combinations provide, so it is a good idea to test some of the combinations on your own. Finally, people can use cannabis leaves as a seasoning to prepare soups, rice, and some entrees. Beef curry, noodle soups, lamb curry will taste better with cannabis leaves.

Cannabis pairing is a relatively new activity in the culinary world, but it is definitely becoming quite popular.