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Herban Planet, LLC The season of giving is upon us! But some cannabis companies are finding giving back to be a lot more difficult than they thought. Charities, afraid of causing controversy, are turning down their donations.

Why Are Charities Giving Cannabis Companies the Cold Shoulder?

Charities are a kind of institutions that are always trying to implement new ideas that can help bring positive change to society. These charitable organizations can be local, national, or international, driven by social, political, religious, or even economical objectives, working side by side with the government. Therefore, charities function as non-profit organizations and accept donations from multiple keen sources.

Does it? Studies have shown that charities hesitate to take donations from cannabis companies, even if in those states where cannabis is legal. Even if the cannabis companies, flush with success and money, want to donate to the charity organizations, charities are overwhelmingly showing reluctance to these tremendous offers deliberately.

But, why are these non-profit organizations turning their back on the pot industry? It seems that the traditional stigmas are infringing on the blossoming marijuana industry, failing to overcome the stereotypical 'stoner' image. Many of those that run these charitable organizations seem to drift back to the same old marijuana stigma: weed smokers are a bunch of hippy, dirty, undisciplined people.

Whatever it is, despite being legal in some states, marijuana is still a victim of the wrong and illegal impression in the eyes of social norms. This is the main reason, causing a hurdle, for the cannabis industry to take part in donating to charities. Non-profit organizations mostly fear the lose of federal grant money as a repercussion if they accept donations from a cannabis company.

Even The American Cancer Society has refused donations from cannabis companies, whilst they accept contributions from other famous pharmaceutical companies.


It is quite ironic as well as shocking that when cancer patients can benefit the most from medical cannabis products, society rejects to acknowledge the fact. Why is this happening? Because people are not yet aware of the tremendous potential beneficial values of medical cannabis.

With the legalization of cannabis, it has crawled from the black market to a grey market, no doubt. But, charities are still struggling with the dilemma, whether to accept contributions from cannabis companies or to protect their current setting, stay in the shell of the age-old prejudices.

Most political personalities and religious individuals see cannabis as a negative impact on society. Charity organizations, attached to these personalities, will definitely refuse the help from the cannabis industry.

Cannabis is legal in some states, but, it is still illegal in the eyes of the federal government; federal law considers cannabis to be illegal. Organizations that require and depend on federal assistance fear to lose federal grant monies, accepting questionable help from the cannabis industry.

It's not like that all charities refuse the help from the cannabis companies. A Denver based charity organization; Denver Rescue Mission has accepted contributions from Organa Brands, America's biggest and famous cannabis company. This charitable organization has let the cannabis industry in to help them provide the best services for the homeless.

There will always be the group of people who think cannabis is dangerous and negative. It is now the responsibility of the cannabis companies to make those as well as others aware of what they actually produce and sell. Cannabis companies are like any other industry, in that there are always a few bad apples but the majority are professional people trying to earn an honest living and help those in need. One thing to remember, cannabis is medicine and these businesses are in the business of helping people.