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Herban Planet, LLC Cheryl Shuman is a cannabis legend who has earned broad and continued praise in the cannabis community, despite ruffling a few feathers along the way. Learn what makes this Beverly Hills icon the Martha Stewart of Cannabis.

Cheryl Shuman, Queen of Cannabis


Cheryl Shuman is a cannabis legend. The a formidable businesswoman and owner of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club since its inception in 1996, she has steadfastly and continuously promoted cannabis consumption regardless of legal status. As a result, she has earned broad and continued praise in the cannabis community (though she certainly ruffled a few feathers along the way). Cheryl has never given up on cannabis or the cannabis community and she continues to have many loyal followers more than 20 years after its creation.

Media Maven

Cheryl’s whole life is surrounded by cannabis in one form or another (her day even starts with a cannabis-infused smoothie), but it wasn’t always that way. She got her start working in an optics store and went on to create the glasses company Starry Eyes, which led to working as Michael Jackson’s personal optician and having a successful show on QVC, among other things. Cheryl has since devoted herself fully to cannabis. She owns the aforementioned Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, has served as Director of Celebrity, Media, and Public Relations for Kush Magazine, founded the organization Women Grow, and is Executive Director for Moms for Marijuana.

A Walking Example

Cheryl knows that medical marijuana can be a healthy alternative treatment for a whole range of conditions. In fact, she was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 and underwent a hysterectomy, and she also has a benign mass on her liver and suffers from hypertension. She has used cannabis for treating each of these conditions. She’s a walking example that, with a bit of trial and error, you can achieve success and shining results. 

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Perhaps the best part of Cheryl Shuman’s story is that her daughter is following in her footsteps; she’s truly put her heart and soul into the entire business. Aimee was Cheryl’s caretaker when she was diagnosed with cancer, helped co-found the Cannabis Club, and serves as the Executive Vice President of Cheryl Shuman Inc. Tragically, Aimee lost her baby daughter in 2001, and is incredibly passionate about CBD as a form of palliative care. 

Courting Controversy

Cheryl Shuman is not without her detractors. Many in the cannabis community say that she is in it for profit, that she exaggerates her health battles, and is purely motivated by self-promotion. They say that she does not do enough for cannabis activism or support those in the industry that do not fit her glamorous, Beverly Hills image. They point to the fact that Shuman was once allowed to start a NORML chapter in Beverly Hills, but the chapter was closed and Shuman was stripped of her role. But it’s hard to imagine that, if Shuman were a man, she’d be getting so much flack for being a businesswoman who knows the importance of self-promotion.

Cheryl Shuman has been a mainstay key figure in the cannabis industry for over 20 years. She has achieved success in multiple businesses and is perhaps the most powerful woman in cannabis today. Also known as, “The Martha Stewart of Marijuana,” it’s not hard to see why Cheryl Shuman is the cannabis queen.