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Christmas: The Best Holiday Activities for Stoners in Portland, OR


A few years back, Amsterdam was known as the mecca for canna tourism with it’s abundance of cannabis cafes and lounges. But now with the legalization of both recreational and medical use of marijuana in some US States, including Oregon, the travelers map for stoners has expanded.

Many cannabis users enjoy taking advantage of traveling during the holiday season, some choose Portland, Oregon as their landing place. You may ask, why travel to Oregon? What are some cannabis friendly activities will you enjoy while on vacation? Look no further!

#1: 420 Friendly Tour by Bike
Beat the lazy-stoner stereotype and enjoy a nice bike tour around some of the best, well-know pot shops in Portland. Generating a lot of buzz around cannabis tourism, Pedal Bike Tours offers organized bike tours that allow tourist the opportunity to explore the city, while getting insight on where to find the best cannabis products for you. Not only do you get to visit Portland Dispensaries but the bike tour guides are also educated in giving the best product selections fit for your needs.

#2: Experience Fubonn Market
Located in Southeast Portland, the Futon Market is paradise for the fans who enjoy Asian food and culture. Including many pan-Asian restaurants and stores, this market is perfect for tourist goodies and treats during your trip.

#3: Visit The Goodfoot Lounge
If you’re someone who loves trippy artwork, pinball machines and Ween & Phish cover bands, this is the place for you! This hippie-central lounge features many retro activities, perfect for the stoner who loves to chill-out and relax. This funky location is also well-know for their Friday night Soul Stew, a vinyl happy hour including cuts of funk, soul, disco & break beats.

#4: Connect with the Outdoors
Need to escape the city life? Located just minutes from downtown Portland, the Hike Forest Park is the perfect place for a nice stroll outdoors. Being one of the largest city parks in the United States, this park is one of the best places for a quick walk thru verdant and lush trails.

#5: Chill Out at Eastbank Esplanade
If you’re headed to Portland, this is a spot you just can’t miss! The Eastbank Esplanade is a great place to relax and meet some of the unique personalities of Portland. Here you can also find the legendary Marquam boat dock between Marquam Bridges and Hawthorn.

#6: Enjoy the Oaks Amusement Park
Have a joyful time this Christmas at the Oaks Amusement Park, where you can channel your inner-child and enjoy a bountiful abundance of boardwalk attractions. Offering a wide variety of entertaining games and carnival rides including mini-golf, this is the perfect place to spend your holiday cheer.

#7: Stroll Peacock Lane
Portland’s Christmas Street, this is the ultimate Christmas neighborhood. This quaint SE Portland four-block community has been decorating their homes with Christmas cheer since the 1920’s. Just this year it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. They homes are not just decorated with lights, but also X-mas scenes. Every night from December 15th to December 31st the holiday spirit flows. There is even complimentary hot cocoa and warm apple cider, make sure to tip. One thing to remember this is an outdoor public event so no smoking marijuana while on the tour.

As you can see, there’s plenty of fun options for the cannabis tourist in Portland. From 420-friendly bike rides to hippie-influenced lounges, there’s so much for you to experience when you visit Oregon this holiday season.