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Dedicated Social Media Platforms for Marijuana Enthusiasts

There is a huge community of growers, sellers, and consumers of marijuana worldwide. Trying to locate a marijuana dispensary or an upcoming event related to marijuana is a no-brainer, thanks to the mainstream social platforms. But things haven’t been going so smooth of late.

Major social networks like Instagram, Facebook and others are abruptly shutting down pages which promote or sell marijuana. Google has also imposed strict restrictions on ads and website dealing with marijuana, making it difficult for traders to use Google’s AdWords program effectively to sell their products. Users on Twitter and LinkedIn are also reluctant to connect with like-minded enthusiasts who engage in the promotion, buying and selling of marijuana for the fear that their close associates will discover their activities, by and large, because of the taboo associated with marijuana.

After the legalization of marijuana in 8 states across the United States of America, the marijuana business is slowly gearing up resulting in the steady rise of social media platforms solely dedicated to marijuana enthusiasts. As per law, marijuana can be used for medicinal purpose and those who areover 21 years of age can use marijuana for recreational purposes.

These social networking platforms are adhering to these guidelines, by facilitating location-based features, allowing only those users residing in states where the new marijuana laws have been enacted. Even in those places, users have to comply with the guidelines regarding their age and usage guidelines. However, they can maintain anonymity while communicating with other fellow users.

Toke With is a free live streaming mobile app where users can interact through video sessions. BudHubz is a location-based app which allows marijuana lovers to find accommodation, doctors, and dispensaries while in need, everything on a map. My420Mate is a free dating website and mobile app focussed on connecting singles who share similar interests in marijuana.

WeedLife is a website having API integration with Facebook and Twitter and works similar to Facebook. Users can either login with their existing social media accounts or create their own accounts, and connect with other marijuana and weed enthusiasts. On similar lines is a mobile app named Social High, which let users share text, pictures, and videos online. Facebook users will find this app extremely convenient to use.

The most popular platforms out there are Massroots and Hi There!. Massroots has a website and a free downloadable mobile app and is accessible to adult users in all the states where marijuana usage is deemed legal as per new law.

Massroots has the largest user base with over a million users sharing photos and videos concerning marijuana products. Hi There! is an extremely popular app and serves more as a dating platform on similar lines of Tinder, but acts specifically for those who are interested in anything related to the world of marijuana.

For those who are interested in marijuana trading and business, Hempdex and Kalogia offer professional networking services through their respective websites. Members here cater to both medical and recreational demographics.

In addition to these, there are also online forums catering the needs of marijuana lovers for over a fairly long period of time. Grasscity and 420 Magazine have been there for over a decade with thousands of members having posts covering cultivation, testing and various other aspects of the trade.