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Detox Pills Could Help You Pass a Drug Test for Marijuana

The largest countries in the world spearhead cannabis legalization with Canada being the new forefront in this revolutionary move. Recently, the Canadian government has permitted the operation of retail weed stores in Ontario. Residents consider this move as a breakthrough being one of the most popular provinces in the county. 

But with all these openness and advocacy to such high-caliber plant, why are people, establishments, and schools so hell-bent on performing drug testing for marijuana? I guess, no matter how many first-world countries will follow suit in cannabis legalization, one fact will still hold true – cannabis use will forever be a stigma in society, and that’s okay. 

So if you’re avid cannabis recreational or medicinal user about to take a marijuana drug testing, detox pills could help you ace your test. 

What are Detox Pills?

In a nutshell, detox pills are all-natural capsules that flush out all the toxic substances in your body. While there is no specific detox pill for a particular toxic chemical, most of these detox pills work well with any drug or environmental toxins. 

So in case you come across a THC detox pill, you can brush aside the fact that it’s a “THC” detox pill. Misinformation can lead you to believe that it will only work with cleansing your body from cannabis toxins. However, it will still do a bang-up job in removing all the various toxic chemicals in the body. 

Why Do People Use Detox Pills?

Aside from wanting to pass a marijuana drug test, people also take detox pills to cleanse their body from unwanted toxins which are harmful in the long run. We are exposed to hazardous environmental toxins every day just by commuting from our house to the workplace. Or if you’ve been a cannabis consumer for years, chances are, cannabinoid components are probably prevalent in your body. Some of the other pollutants are: 

•    Industrial chemicals

•    Heavy metals

•    Secondhand smoke

•    Pollution

•    Artificial ingredients

•    Food additives

•    Drug toxins

How Long Can Drug Testing Methods Detect Weed?

A chronic user usually extends the period on how long cannabinoid components are detectable by certain drug testing methods. It’s relatively simple – the more marijuana a user smokes, the more cannabinoids linger in the body. 

How long marijuana stays in the user’s body depends on several factors such as metabolism, gender, age, and even the body mass index (BMI). And according to Mayo Clinic Proceedings, the time a drug testing method detects marijuana in the user depends on how heavy the user smokes pot as well. 

Urine testing is the most common type of marijuana drug testing method. An occasional user who smokes up to three times a week could be detected three days after the last use. Moderate users who smoke up to four times a week could be detected five to seven days after the previous use. Daily users could be looking at 10 to 15 days after their last use. While the heavy users who generally “wake and bake” can have marijuana detectable in their bodies even after 30 days from the previous use. 

Do All Detox Pills Work During a Drug Test for Marijuana? 

So this is probably the million-dollar question which will have a considerable buying impact on those who are prepping for a drug test. I guess the same concept also applies to unnatural medications. Supposedly, a branded unnatural medication is better than its generic counterpart. While the latter is relatively cheaper, it also does not work as vigorously as the former. 

That being said, the answer to this question relies on the consumer. If you buy low-quality detox pills, you also get what you pay for. does an exceptional job calling out the low-quality detox pills from the high-quality ones that actually work. So if you want to ace your drug test for marijuana, the best piece of advice is to buy the most trusted brands in the industry. 

Also, detox pills vary in longevity effects. Some detox pills, when taken an hour before a drug test for marijuana, do not remove the toxins permanently. These types of pills only mask or hide THC for a couple of hours which gives you ample time for the entire drug testing procedure. 

So if you’re looking for a quick temporary fix to pass a drug screening for marijuana, then choosing a superior branded detox pill will undoubtedly get you off the hook. 

By: Leanne Brooks