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Dispensary Spotlight: Sticky Saguaro In Chandler Arizona

The mystical saguaro cactus has fascinated human culture for centuries, providing nourishment and shelter in the unforgiving Sonoran Desert. 

Today, rising high above the enchanting Arizona landscape, Sticky Saguaro has put down roots in Chandler with an educational cannabis shopping experience quite unlike the typical visit to a dispensary. 

Sticky Saguaro has been open at their 12338 East Riggs Road location in Chandler, Arizona since January of 2018 and unlike their namesake, growth has been both rapid and exciting to watch.

Of course, the menu is a driving force for any medical marijuana dispensary, and the options that can be found at Sticky Saguaro are sure to satisfy the full spectrum of cannabis users. From those who are new to the plant and would like to ease in gently, to the more experienced who know exactly what works for them, it can all be found in the form of flowers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and more here. 

The open floor shopping experience at Sticky Saguaro brings their sales associates out from behind the counter and into a shared space with the patients where real, honest conversations and consultations can take place. Actual physical samples of nearly every product can be examined to help every patient make an informed decision about their choice of medication. 

The staff and management at Sticky Saguaro take great pride in the knowledge base that they have built and in the many ways that they provide cannabis education to the public. Once engaged with one of their helpful budtenders, you’ll quickly realize that you are dealing with a genuine member of the cannabis community, instead of just the industry. 

This sense of social awareness and a passion for the plant is what drove Sticky Saguaro co-founders Phillip Smarik and Scott Vargas to jump into the long, hard process of opening their state-of-the-art facility.

"So we try to really educate people and help them through the process of what this is and how it can help them.”

“We have a wide range of demographics that come in our store, based on our location,” says Phil, “so we’ll have people from 21 years old up to 90 years old, and for a lot of those patients it could be their first time using these products. So we try to really educate people and help them through the process of what this is and how it can help them.”

In order to provide safe, lab-tested, top shelf medication at affordable prices, Phil and Scott seek out the top vendors in the state and hold them to the highest standards. From this due diligence, confidence in the brands on the shelf grows and the team at Sticky Saguaro can begin to identify trends to always provide what their patients want and need the most.

They are committed to compassion at Sticky Saguaro, and anytime they can cut their costs, those savings get passed along to the patients. 

The First Time Patient deal at Sticky Saguaro just cannot be beat – 30% off your entire order! The best part is, you do not need to use it on your first visit. You can bank it in your account and use it anytime down the road that makes the most sense for you. They offer that option because patients can expect to find amazing Daily Deals from 10am to 8pm, 7 days a week. 

“We try to streamline the process when you come into the store so you don’t have to sit there and wait. You come in, we check you in, and you walk right into the dispensary and are able to immediately browse the products,” says Scott. “This allows us to spend some quality time with the patients, and if they have questions we are here to help.”

As the popularity of the high quality products and service at Sticky Saguaro has grown, so has their online ordering option at StickySaguaro.com

“We all get affected differently by these products … so we can hone in on each specific person and what works for them, and what they are looking to get out of the product.”   

From their site, patients can browse the full menu, build their order, and enjoy an expedited check out process when they arrive in-store to verify and pick up their order. But, beyond that, the Sticky Saguaro website is truly an amazing asset for any medical marijuana patient. 

The Education and Blog tabs on the site are filled with detailed information and thoughtful suggestions on how patients can use the versatility of the products found in store to alleviate the negative aspects of individual ailments ranging from arthritis, to traumatic brain injuries, and everything in between. 

“We have that base understanding that, with cannabis, each one of us is an individual,” says Phil, adding, “We all get affected differently by these products … so we can hone in on each specific person and what works for them, and what they are looking to get out of the product.” 

This level of understanding translates directly to your in-store experience. The relaxed, yet professional, vibe at Sticky Saguaro cannot be overstated.

Phil and Scott are proud to call Sticky Saguaro a family owned and operated business, and they acknowledge that it was with the help of their families and friends that they were able to endure the multiyear process of finding the perfect location and obtaining all of the necessary licensing and permits to get the doors open earlier this year. 

From their college days at Arizona State University and the Phoenix Art Institute, these two friends have always had an interest in agriculture, growing some super dank fruits and veggies during their time in school.  During this period, they honed their expertise in hydroponics and aquaponics and even developed some high grade LED lighting for indoor cultivation.

While waiting for cannabis reform to become a reality in Arizona, the two began to put together a plan for an eventual move toward medical marijuana. 

Their background in agriculture shines through to the quality of the products on the shelves at Sticky Saguaro. With the open, welcoming floorplan, their patients can easily identify products and brands, compare prices, and make informed decisions with no pressure or judgement.

For generations, the mighty saguaro has represented Arizona, and now Sticky Saguaro aims to represent the very best that the state has to offer. Come on by and stick around awhile!

By: Jack Riordan

Contact: media@herbanplanet.com