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For the Frugal Vaper: 5 Weed Vapes under $100


When Catherine Pulsifer said, “Being frugal does not mean being cheap! It means being economical and avoiding waste” it can safely be assumed that she was referring to vaping. Most people believe that the more you spend, the better the vape. This is not necessarily accurate. While it is true that some of the more expensive devices tend to offer more key features, greater vapor quality and flavor. To find the right vaporizer, the most important thing to keep in mind is your vaping style.


For those who value frugality, this post is just for you. Today we will be discussing 5 amazing dry herb vaporizers under $100, in descending order by price.


Note: You won’t be getting the highest quality vaporizers, but these devices sure offer a bang for the buck.


Read on to find out more!


Pulsar Flow: $100

The Flow design will remind you of a typical bowl. Pulsar really stepped up their game with this device. A convection dry herb vape for just $100 is almost unheard of. Featuring a quartz lined chamber, the Flow will cook your herb almost to perfection. It offers great vapor quality and huge hits, so if you have weak lungs or a low tolerance to vapor/vaping, please stay away from this powerful device. Easy-to-carry and sturdy too, the Pulsar Flow can survive a couple of falls, just be careful with the plastic mouthpiece (it is a pain to take off).



G Pen Pro: $99.95

Being a cheaper version of the G Pen Elite, doesn’t automatically mean a worse vaporizer. The Pro is truthfully just simpler and smaller than the Elite, but still offers amazing features for a device with such a great price tag. The 4 LED light system informs the user of the current temperature and also the battery level. Featuring a one button interface and a sleek design is living proof of how simple and portable the G Pen Pro is.


Utillian 420: $89.99 CAD

It seems that Americans can’t stop making jokes about Canada. What they don’t know is that Canada, besides being famous for hockey, is also amazing at making vapes. Our friends over at Utillian sure know how to make amazing portable vaporizers that not only costs ($89.99 CAD = $72.73), but also fits in the palm of your hand, meet Mr. 420! This little bad boy offers a simple interface that is great for those starting out with vaping. The performance of the 420 is also admirable for how low its cost is.



Atmos Jump: $59.95

This is one hell of a vape pen. The engineering in this pen surpasses those of vape pens that use to cost a lot more money than the Jump a few years back (you can thank technology for that one). The Atmos Jump is great for solo use and it is the most portable device in our whole list.



Boom Conseal 22D: $50

We finish our list today with a BOOM!--or is it bang (tomayto, tomahto)? The Boom Conseal costs the same as one drink on a South Beach nightclub. Do the math, for only $50 you can buy a device that offers multiple coil choices and a quite reliable battery life.



For those frugal fellows, this list has provided you with amazing insight for when you go purchase your next dry herb vaporizer. Whether you choose one of these or decide to go for a more expensive alternative, you will not be dissatisfied that you have come aboard the vaping train.


Written by Marissa Timko