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Herban Planet, LLC Although cannabis legalization seems like a straight shot to success for those within the industry, it's vital for retailers to stay on top of their game and safeguard against potential setbacks. Watch out for these mistakes to stay successful.

Four Mistakes Cannabis Retailers Can't Afford to Make 


The cannabis industry is better than ever thanks to the participation of many states across the country legalizing recreational or medical use. This is great news for those cannabis retailers especially for those dealing in auto-flowering and feminized cannabis seeds , they have made some serious gains in such a short amount of time and those with high hopes of even more success down the road. Although state cannabis legalization seems like a straight shot to success for those within the cannabis dispensary industry, it's vital for retailers to stay on top of their game and safeguard against potential setbacks. 

It's evident that the use, possession, transportation and sale of marijuana is still illegal in the United States under federal law. It's the state’s decision to allow or ban cannabis for medical or recreational use. Since 1970, cannabis has been labeled under the highest classification in legislation making its use highly punishable by law. It’s important to note the strict cannabis legalization laws in each state and to adhere to them to avoid any unnecessary run ins with the law. 

As with any business venture, it is crucial to have all ducks in a row and this requirement is stressed even more when it comes to the highly regulated cannabis business. One of the major mistakes that cannabis retailers can not afford to make is not taking the time to obtain the proper documentation for their venture . It is extremely recommended for shop owners to seek the help of a professional with the knowledge to ensure all licensing fees are paid, and all paperwork is completely filled out and accurate. In addition, the mandatory sales tax rates must be paid and it is unwise to skip out on the bill. An expert adviser will openly express the importance of making all payments in a timely manner to avoid hefty penalties. Any infraction could possibly lead to the loss of licensing and censor from reopening the business. There have been reports of retailers being shut down because they didn’t follow rules and regulations, so strict adherence is strongly encouraged.

Successful businessmen and women understand that quality will always win out over quantity. This practice is a key factor in ensuring the success of cannabis seed and products retailers looking to shine brighter than competitors and be the big dog on campus. Doing thorough research on where crops are being sourced is something retailers must focus on to avoid supplying product sprayed with any harmful pesticides. Many cannabis growers know the benefits of using simple, homemade treatments on their crops to deter pests and they openly share that with shop owners. There are a few tips and tricks known to farmers and retailers alike such as the use of essential rosemary oil in place of pesticides loaded with chemicals. 

Thankfully, there are high penalties involved with any grower who actively treats their crop with harmful bug repellents so business owners can put their mind at ease. 

The cannabis industry has swiftly grown into a profitable venture in the United States and has thus provided plenty of opportunities for many people. In addition to the new business ventures are the opportunities for those in need of exciting and gainful employee. Cannabis retailers need to be mindful and use discernment when it comes to the hiring process to avoid any mistakes that could prove fatal for the future of their business. Background checks and references from reputable sources should be mandatory with each and every candidate. Moreover, a strict and thorough hiring process will help weed out anyone solely interested in the perks of the job instead of the success of the business. All potential employees should be knowledgeable of local, state and federal laws concerning cannabis, and feel comfortable explaining to customers the many different cannabis products on the market to customers. Employees are the face of any company and picking the right representative is imperative for the longevity of the business 

The only way customers can do business with a retailer is if they actually know that the business exists. This is where innovative marketing and branding come into play as brainstorming logos and planning marketing campaigns is a crucial part of success . Customers want to know what a retailer represents and proper marketing on social media lets them know what a business is all about. Retailers should use their social media platforms to market to cannabis communities and those interested in medical cannabis. This allows businesses to directly interact with their customer base and share any information, upcoming events, deals and products with those who are open to support and purchase. 

Much joy can be found within the cannabis industry with more awareness about medical cannabis. This exciting venture can be highly profitable, help the economy, and provide all natural medication for those in need. With these tips and tricks, ambitious retailers are sure to be on their way to cannabis glory.


Written By Nancy R. Fernandez