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Making edible cannabis oil is a simple and safe alternative to extract the concentrate from cannabis. The concentrated form of cannabis may contribute comfort for some patients with cancer, epilepsy, chronic pain, arthritis, joint pain, other medical conditions.

While extract is known as oil, considering it is produced by the resin and natural oil found on marijuana seeds, buds, and leaves, the density is very thick, and therefore this oil is nearly fully dense.


Selecting A Cannabis Strain

For medical cannabis users, they likely need to research to find the best medical strain that works best for them. Many medical cannabis practices call for either high-THC oil, high-CBD oil, or a blend of both types of oil.

High-THC strains may contribute to many medical advantages. This oil treats or prevents nausea and vomiting induced by cancer medicines and is also applied to enhance the appetite. THC produces psychoactive effects when taken both orally and when smoked. Caution is advised when using high-THC strains when not familiar with the effects. THC taken without CBD is much more inclined to produce a potent psychoactive effect.

A lot of medical patients choose a high-CBD strain of cannabis since CBD appears to have some of the numerous widely accepted medicinal advantages. CBD by itself does not produce psychoactive effects.

Other patients choose to mix of THC and CBD for treatments. Mixing THC and CBD may be the most desirable choice for some patients. A significant advantage for patients who mixed high-CBD and high-THC strains is this blend seems to provide the most significant benefits of medical cannabis with the least result of psychoactive effects. Additionally, there are other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant some patients believe these all work together to accommodate the most maximum relief.


Making Cannabis Oil

Never use butane or hydrocarbons in extracting cannabis oil at home. Butane is notably subtle and flammable and is not safe when used as a solvent in making cannabis extracts. Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is a sophisticated product whose production is strongly bequeathed to experts. Solvents like alcohol are extremely combustible and must be handled with absolute caution and care.

Preparing Materials

  • 1 ounce of cannabis buds (ground and dry up) or 2-3 ounces of cannabis trim can be substituted.
  • 1-gallon Solvent (High Proof Alcohol); organic high-proof alcohol made for human consumption is recommended. The higher the volume percentage of alcohol, the better.
  • Medium-sized Glass mixing bowl; Mixing bowls made of fireproof glass or ceramic are best. Avoid using plastic or metal mixing bowls.
  • Large Spoon or fork (wood works best); used to mix the cannabis around in the mixing bowl with the solvent
  • Straining Device; Used to filter the cannabis alcohol mixture and remove the solid plant matter.
  • Separate container (wide tall glass is recommended) to catch strained liquid
  • Double-Boiler non-stick pot or a  pan that stack easily on top of each other; A double boiler enables the top pot to sit in a bath of water so that the pot with the solvent will not directly touches the stove’s flame or heating element.
  • 2-quart glass measuring cup
  • Silicon spatula; used to scrape away the oil from the pan as it gets thick at the end
  • Plastic syringes


Preparation Area

  • Heat Source (An electric stove would work well.); It is more dangerous to use a gas stove since a gas stove uses an open flame. Keep anything containing alcohol at least 3 feet away from the flame of a gas stove at all times. A portable electric burner or a large tea warmer also work well.
  • Fire Extinguisher (in case of fire)
  • Ventilation; preparation area should be a large open space with excellent ventilation. Open any windows and have at least one fan moving the air around. Turn on the ventilator above the stove if it’s available. Solvent fumes in the air can cause a fire, so the best thing next to the process is to secure a good ventilation in the preparation area.



After gathering all the materials, it should take about an hour to make the cannabis oil.

  • Step 1: Preparation is the key.

Make sure that all the proper tools and materials are ready before getting started.

  • Step 2: Place the cannabis materials into the mixing bowl.

Dump the cannabis materials in mixing bowl with alcohol. Make sure that it has at least several inches of space over the cannabis material.

  • Step 3: Add enough alcohol to cover entirely cover the cannabis.

Cover the cannabis material completely with the solvent (Alcohol) and add about an additional inch worth of additional alcohol covering the top. Make sure that it has a room for stirring the mixture

  • Step 4: Mix the solvent and cannabis together

Stir the cannabis material immersed in the solvent, using the mixing spoon, for about three to four minutes. This spreads the cannabis material around and enables the solvent to dissolve all of the oils or resin from the cannabis material into the alcohol.

Mix and mash the mixture and generally make sure that all the cannabis is being pushed around so the alcohol has a hit to dissolve all the resin from the dry material.

  • Step 5: Strain cannabis mixture.

Carefully pour the mixture through the strainer and allow the strained extract to pour into another container. The strained extract contains all the extracted resin from the plant material, which has been suspended into the alcohol.

Place the cannabis material back into the mixing bowl, then repeat Steps 3, 4 & 5 to extract more oil from the cannabis. The strained mixture should be a pretty dark liquid with a greenish color.

  • Step 6: Pour the strained liquid into top pot of the double-boiler.

Pour the liquid mix from the first and second washes into the top pot of the double-boiler. The bottom pot should already be filled with water.

The purpose of using a double boiler is to produce an extra layer of water between the heat and the top pot with the cannabis mixture. This delivers everything safer and allows to boil off the alcohol gradually and constantly, without baking off any of the cannabinoids.

  • Step 7: Turn heat on high then turn off the heat immediately.

The heat from the water bath will proceed to heat the top pan until the alcohol is evaporated away.

Make sure there are no sparks or open flames in the area while evaporating the alcohol off, because the fumes generated from the mixture are very flammable. Now turn the heat on high and watch firmly until a dark green mixture appears on the top pot of the double-boiler. The top mixture will start to bubble, almost like it is boiling and the alcohol is starting to evaporate. Once the mixture is bubbling, quickly turn off the heat.

  • Step 8: Continue to simmer away all the alcohol.

Heat is not as necessary at this point. Even if this mixture reduces to room temperature the alcohol will all finally evaporate away just continue to stir the mixture using the spatula.

  • Step 9: Use the syringe to draw up the oil.

When the liquid has become compressed and no longer bubbles it will become thicker almost like a putty. Collect the Cannabis Extract using the syringe. Use the plunger of the syringe to gradually draw up the melting cannabis oil. The first syringe will be easy to fill, but as the less extract remaining in the pan, it will become harder.


Store the cannabis extract in a cool dry place.

By Shanta Devourn