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Have You Heard of the Cannabis Shopping Network?

With the increasing legalization of marijuana whether for medical or recreational use, the mainstreaming of the industry is now becoming a trend. Weed is receiving a lot of support across the US that it has no option but to become mainstream. A 2016 Gallup report an 87 percent and 60 percent support for medical and recreational marijuana by Americans respectively.

Issues surrounding marijuana

With the mainstreaming of marijuana, now more of it is appearing on mainstream TV. For a topic that was only taboo a few years back, marijuana has become the subject of an increasing number of many TV shows. Take the show High Maintenance which follows the life of an anonymous pot delivery man. On MTV, there is a show known as “Mary + Jane”. It stars two female ‘pot-preneurs’, owners of a cannabis delivery app. The program follows them in their life in the fast-evolving industry. Sony Pictures have their own drama coming, “Humboldt” which stars John Malkovich. This program is about how the marijuana industry is flourishing in the town. Enter “Disjointed” a Netflix show starring Kathy Bates.

But that’s as far as television fiction on marijuana goes. In recent times, a number of YouTube-based television channels have opened with a specific dedication to the promotion of marijuana products. Given the lack of acceptance of marijuana-related commercials by mainstream television channels is what has led to the formation of channels such as Cannabis Shopping Network.

Granted, the marijuana market is awash with a lot of products and devices. However, consumers just do not know what’s out there. Not many would know which vaporizer to buy. Even if you had knowledge of the products and devices to buy, how would you know how to use them without being taught? Marijuana users have different needs to be addressed but they just don’t know how. Since the marijuana products market is just starting, it is hard for people to know who to trust. With cannabis users being left on their own, how would they know the issues surrounding marijuana?

Watching for a long time to come

Apart from simplifying issues and making things easier and convenient, Cannabis Shopping Network provides information on the latest products and devices. They have tailored their program to industry needs and provide a daily “POT-cast”. In one of their videos on YouTube, they educate you on CBD Pain Relief MELT Lotion. If you want information about how you can grow weed in your indoor garden to maturity.

The Cannabis Shopping Network is so popular that it already has more than 40,000 subscribers. They, however, restrict their videos from watching by minors. Tune in if you are a cannabis consumer, interested to see the best products in the market, and a professional who wants information on the new products to recommend. Apart from offering the latest cannabis products, they have a lot of discounts and giveaways. That means you can purchase through Cannabis Shopping Network and save lots of money in the process. This is a channel cannabis users will be watching for a long time to come.