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How Can Cannabis Help with Alcohol Withdrawal?

Addiction to any substance can lead to disaster. Ask all the people attending those AA meetings and they will tell you horrific stories about the ways an addiction destroyed their lives. Alcohol addiction is one such addiction that can wipe the carpet from underneath you in an instant.

It can be a drunken punch at your boss or a driving under the influence scenario. Either way, you put an irrepairable dent on your life and reputation. A lot of research has been carried out in order to devise different rehabilitation methods. The use of cannabis is a modern method of helping with alcohol withdrawal.

The downside

Many in this research field believe that treating one addictive substance with another is not common logic at all. They say that it is just swapping one addiction with another. It is a proven fact that cannabis and tobacco is addictive for humans. However, the disorders that accompany alcohol are not a factor for this herb. Cannabis carries no physical addiction and offers no opportunity for overdose like alcohol.

We have compiled the ways cannabis helps in alcohol withdrawal in order for you to understand it without going through extensive research. Although, it is recommended that you see a seasoned physician in this regard before starting the treatment. Some of the ways include:

Injecting marijuana

A study in 2009 was carried out using injections of THC for controlling the alcohol abuse problem. THC is the primary chemical in cannabis. This lowers the chances of swapping one addiction with another. This primary element helps in negating the dependence of different addictive elements that are found in alcohol and heroine.

Less damaging

When you compare cannabis with prescription drugs that help in alcohol withdrawal, the former has much less after affects and side effects. Many people who were under study chose cannabis as it is far less damaging and provides better symptom management.

Daily routine

Alcohol has already disrupted you daily life activities. Substituting it with high potency prescription drugs can cause the same void in your daily life. Cannabis has lesser side-effects that can let a person carry on with his daily activities like office and exercise routine.

The Switch

The basic way which cannabis helps you sway away from alcohol addiction is the way you switch from one item to another. Cannabis attracts you the same way as alcohol does, but since this intake is controlled, you have better chances of making out of the alcohol problem.

The state of withdrawal

Cannabis also helps when you are trying to avoid alcohol without prescription drugs. This happens when alcohol has not become an addiction but still part of your daily routine. In the withdrawal stage, leaving alcohol abruptly can also lead to many problems.

The solution to abrupt withdrawal is medical cannabis. It doesn’t give you an addiction, but replaces the fulfillment of the body desire to receive a numbing effect that alcohol brings. Therefore, Cannabis can help you go from mild alcohol user to zero alcohol users


It must be mentioned in the end that you should be careful while using Cannabis. Checking up for the legality in your state should be carried out before you use or grow your own marijuana.