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How Long Does CBD Oil Stay in Your System?

The benefits of consuming CBD are no longer breaking news; In fact, the compound drug’s therapeutic and medical benefits have caused the consumption of CBD to rise. With the increase in CBD consumption, the development of cannabis drug screening technology has also grown. Because of this correlation, consumers are beginning to ask themselves, “how long does CBD stay in your system?”

When does CBD start to work?

Before we can recognize the length of time CBD lasts in one’s system, we must first determine when the compound drug begins to work. Consumption methods play an important role in the quickness of results. Depending on the method used in consumption, results could vary from ten to 60 minutes; Consuming orally provides users with slower results than if it were consumed through vaping.

How long do CBD effects last?

The effects of CBD, like most drugs, do not last more than a day. Depending on the consumed volume and method of consumption, the length of time will differ. With a standard dosage, concentrated CBD oil effects will last for a couple of hours when consumed through vapor, and for four hours or more when consumed orally.

Once the effects start to set in, it is easier to determine when CBD will leave the body. As the higher the dosage, the more material to dispose of, the strength of the compound plays a role in calculating its time in the body. To eliminate all traces out of one’s system after the effects sit in, it requires patience.

The worse something is for your health, the quicker your body is to push it out of your system. Being that CBD carries a number of various benefits, it lingers in your system for a while. According to The National Drug Court Institute, cannabinoids stay in one’s system for an average of 30 days, depending on one’s metabolism. As CBD is a form of cannabinoid, the length its remnants linger is comparable. Like food and fats, the faster an individual’s metabolism runs, the quicker cannabinoids flush out of their system.

Our verdict

For those concerned about failing a drug test after taking CBD oil for a consistent period, it is the trace of THC that you need to be worried about. The main reason why one would want to know how long CBD oil will stay in the system would be because he/she is concerned about an upcoming drug test. To avoid falling short in these circumstances, there are specific measures one can take to quicken the flushing process. However, in the end, the only solution is to let the drug run its time.

It is best recommended to avoid CBD in large doses and consult your medical professional if higher doses are needed when an upcoming drug test may be scheduled. If you have further questions about where to start, contact your local dispensary. You can find the nearest dispensary near you by searching our directory here.

By: Cynthia Gallap