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How many different types of cannabis extracts are there?

Many different types of cannabis extracts can be found out there in the world. They are being used for various purposes as well. Here is a list of the most prominent cannabis extracts that you can find out there in the world. If you are interested in learning more about cannabis extracts, you can think about going through this list.

  1. Kief – Kief can be considered as the most common type of cannabis extract that you can find out there in the world. In fact, the resin glands of the cannabis plant are called as Kief. They contain a higher concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids. It has been identified that Kief is associated with a THC percentage between 25 and 40. 
  2. Hash – Hash is the most popular type of cannabis extract among people. It is used with the help of ice and cold water. In fact, ice and cold water are being used to separate trichomes from cannabis plant. People have been using this method to extract Hash out of cannabis plants for thousands of years. Hash contains a THC percentage between 30 and 75.  
  3. Bubble – Hash that is made out of high grade cold water is known as Bubble. Therefore, it can be defined as another variant of Hash. During the extracting process, bubbles are formed and this is how this extract got its name. Moreover, bubble bags are being used during the extraction process of this cannabis extract. As a result, Bubble does not contain any unwanted plant matter.  
  4. Rosin – Rosin is a new introduction to the world of cannabis extracts. It was introduced by some of the greatest cannabis enthusiasts. During the extraction process of Rosin, essential cannabis oils are being separated with pressure and heat. Another unique characteristic that you can see in the extraction process is that no solvents are being used throughout. In Rosin, you will be able to see an excellent variety of color hues as well. Rosin cannabis extract need to be consumed through vaporization, either dabbed or in a cartridge. The THC level in Rosin is between 50 and 80 percent.  
  5. WaxWax is the generalized name that is given to cannabis concentrates that are extracted with the help of several solvents. Butane and CO2 are the most popular solvents that are being used during the extraction process. The extracts are obtained through a special process called purging. Purging has the ability to leave behind some of the most beneficial oils.  
  6. Live Resin – Out of all the cannabis extracts, the popularity of Live Resin has increased significantly throughout the past few years. It can also be referred as the pinnacle of all cannabis extracts. That’s because Live Resin is made out of frozen and fresh plant materials by skipping the drying process. As a result of this process, more than 60% of terpenes are lost. The scent of Live Resin is distinguishable as well and you can easily figure out the extract with it.