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Alex Mirzaian

How to Behave at Your Next Dispensary Visit

15 years ago, you would have never guessed where marijuana would be in 2019. You would have never thought or even expect to walk into a marijuana dispensary. With the vast amount of products coming from CBD or THC, these stores are filled with endless amounts of products.


Being able to freely walk into a cannabis store is a very free and relaxing experience. Knowing the freedom that comes from it is tough when you go to a state that’s not so legal or open about it. Although the law is not exactly on your side when it comes to public consumption, the sale of it is super easy. Matter of fact, even marijuana delivery services are popping up everywhere now. There are more delivery services than actual store fronts.

Going to a dispensary is like going anywhere else that is private. It’s best to know how to behave in that environment. Although it’s not an exquisite place, not many people go to dispensaries.

What is a Dispensary?

A dispensary or a cannabis collective is a store that is set for only cannabis products. Unlike alcohol that can be sold in liquor stores, gas station convenience stores or even big box stores, marijuana needs to be sold at its own location. Dispensaries consist of cannabis flower, wax, weed vaporizers, CBD, rolling papers, glass pipes, dab rigs, water pipes and much more.


Medical marijuana is what started the road down to marijuana legalization. States that have medical marijuana legalized are usually less strict than recreational laws. For example, some states require you to use all forms of cannabis except for flowers for smoking. Herbs can only be used with a weed vaporizers or be used for edibles. In order to go inside a medical marijuana dispensary, you need to have a valid 18+ I.D. and a recommendation from a doctor.


Recreational marijuana makes life easier because it is more wide spread across the state. Laws generally don’t vary throughout the state so law enforcement generally knows the law. Medical marijuana dispensaries are usually stocked with the different types of CBD products like CBD oils but it is more common. In order to be able to go into a recreational dispensary, you need to be over 21 with a valid I.D.

How to Behave?

When you walk into a dispensary next time, be as respectful as possible. When you first walk in, you will see the security guard across the room. You need to check in with him before you walk into the actual main room. Once he checks your I.D., you will be able to walk into the main room. You will be greeted with a room full of marijuana aroma and budtenders.

Ask Questions

When you’re not familiar with marijuana, always ask questions. You never want to go in head first without knowing what you’re getting into. If you want to treat something specific like insomnia or you want something to stimulate your appetite, ask which strain is best. If you don’t want to smoke, ask for the right edible. Something too strong and it may ruin your cannabis experience.

Do Not Use Your Phone

Try not to use your phone when you’re in the main room. This makes for a very uncomfortable situation for the other customers along with the budtenders. Store owners generally don’t like phones either because you can record or take pictures while inside. They don’t want you to do this because of confidentiality for the other patients.

Be Curious

This goes hand in hand with asking questions. Make sure you try different strains and different cannabis products. If one thing does not work for you, something else might. Be patient and try to use as many different products as you can.

Dont Smoke on Property

Make sure you don’t disrespect the store or the owner by smoking on the property. Unless they tell you that they also have a smoke lounge where you can chill and smoke. Don’t even think about opening your bag in the parking lot either. There are usually clearly marked signs letting you know if you open your bag before you leave the parking lot, they will ban you from coming back.

Tip The Budtender

If you believe your budtender has truly helped you and they deserve a tip, don’t be shy! Tipping goes a long way, especially if you see them each time. The next time you walk into your dispensary, the budtender will remember you and possibly give you a free gift next time!

Don’t Negotiate

Many people think that prices are negotiable but in reality they’re not. Some medical marijuana dispensaries go by the “donation” rule and this opens up for people to think they can walk in and ask for a better price. This is really a bad look. Just use your common sense and all will be well.