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Herban Planet, LLC With its legalisation, both medical and recreational depending on the state, marijuanahas now become a billion dollar industry.

How To Buy Marijuana From A Dispensary (Things To Know)


With its legalisation, both medical and recreational depending on the state, marijuanahas now become a billion dollar industry. Despite the fact that it is a highly regulated business and dispensaries treat it as such, there still exists a stigma. This can make customers reluctant to approach dispensaries, not to mention anxious while in them. But as in most situations, a little bit of knowledge can make that first time a more pleasant experience.

The first thing to remember is that current identification will be required. In most situations it will be checked twice; once upon entering the store itself and again when making the actual purchase. Unlike getting carded at a bar it is very rear for any dispensary to work on an ‘eyeball’ principle. Even if you are obviously of a legal age you will be expected to produce government-issued identification.

Secondly, get used to cameras. As many federal banks are still adjusting to the changing laws, most dispensaries will be cash based businesses. Some are moving towards the use of cards but it is always recommended to be ready to pay in cash. In any respect, dispensaries are fitted with proper and well-maintained security systems. As a side note, for security and discretion, the use of mobiles while on premises is often frowned upon.

It is generally a good idea to treat a visit to your local dispensary the same as you would a pharmacy. For instance, it is polite to keep a respectful distance from customers at the counter to guard their privacy and modesty.Budtenders are highly educated on the types of marijuana and their effects and it is acceptable and even encourage to ask questions. Generally, each customer can take roughly 15 minutes of the budtenders time without any waiting customers becoming impatient. And prices are nonnegotiable. Marijuana products are closely monitored. Budtenders aren’t legally permitted to provide extras, change prices, or provide exchanges without creating legal issues for themselves and their businesses. Unlike pharmacies, however, patrons are not permitted to consume product while on the premises. Consuming marijuana in public places isn’t allowed and dispensaries will enforce this. Loitering is also frowned upon as larger crowds can make customers reluctant to enter or make purchases.

Not all states have the same laws and regulations regarding marijuana. What is permitted in one state may cause trouble in another, so it is never advisable to take marijuana over state lines. It should also be noted that one of the differences in regulations is store hours. In some areas, stores are permitted to have trading hours that last until midnight. In others, they must close by 7pm. Checking these times before setting out could save you a very long drive.

Finally, for those that are concerned about discretion, it should be noted that dispensaries will generally put purchases in unmarked paper bags. And it is also standard procedure for marijuana to be sold in bottles with child-proof lids.