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Herban Planet, LLC What are herbs that can be smoked? Most people are aware that marijuana is smokable but, there are many more herbs that can be smoked.

List of Smokable Herbs

What are herbs that can be smoked? You will find in this article plenty of useful information about herbs you can smoke, whether hallucinogens, stimulants, depressants or anti-psychotics. There’s a repertory of smokable herbs, leaves and plants out there that you can smoke that will induce an alternate state of mind. They can help you on a lot of things from helping you quit smoking, losing weight or just plain relaxation. Most people are aware that marijuana is smokable but, there are many more herbs that can be smoked. Here are some of those herbs:

  • Blue Lotus

Blue lotus’s dried flowers can be smoked or teeped in a tea. It can give you with a sense of peaceful relaxation having noted for its aphrodisiac qualities, calming euphoria as well as sedation. Blue lotus is a truly calming herb for you to smoke.

  • Damiana Plant

Damiana plant’s dried flowers and leaves are commonly smoked for their aphrodisiac qualities. Aside from the euphoria of smoking this plant, it’s also popular as an addition to blend for smoking seeing that it has almost the same flavor as that of marijuana.

  • White Sage

White sage’s dried leaves are often used in smoking blends. It is often used for this purpose as it helps in improving mood. At the same time, it promotes feelings of relaxations and also a boost in one’s memory. When smoked, it can also help to clear your lungs, throat and sinuses.

  • Wild Dagga

The wild dagga is a plant that provides very similar effects as that of cannabis. It gives sedating and calming feelings and even euphoric sensations when smoked. Users report that smoking wild dagga promotes enhanced mood, mental clarity and increased color perception with a slight giddiness.

  • Passion Flower

Passionflower is an herb which synergistically interacts with Damiana. It is a great herb for a relaxing smoke blend. It is often used as an herbal medicine for anxiety and insomnia. At the same time, it can be used as a tonic for nervous system.

  • Mullein

If you are looking for a good base to your herbal smoke mix, mullein is one of the best. When used for your smoke mix, you can benefit from its effect of cleaning the lungs. It is mildly relaxing and is able to promote calm feelings.

  • Catnip

Scientific name, Nepeta cataria, catnip belongs to the mint family. It is a plant that is native to Europe but has now spread to other continents. Those who used this herb reported that it has a slight hypnotic effect thus it can cause you good night sleep. After a hard day of work, it offers you an easy way to relax.

  • Red Raspberry

The red raspberry leaves are herbs typically used by Native Americans in their natural smoking mix. It serves as a good base to the mixture adding body especially when blended with Uva Ursi and Damiana. It also helps in stabilizing your blood sugar, provides essential vitamins and minerals as well as adds flavor to your smoking blends.

Outside of cannabis these are the most common herbs for smoking that you can add to your smoking blend. Of course, there are plenty more herbs that you can add to your mix depending on what effect or health benefit you are looking to experience. Smokes away!