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Wedding Trends: What You Need to Know to Throw a Marijuana Wedding

May 23, 2019

  Wedding Trends: What You Need to Know to Throw a Marijuana Wedding ... (more)

Arizona AG Mark Brnovich Is the State’s No. 1 GOP Supporter of Legal Marijuana

May 10, 2019

Mark Brnovich, Arizona’s Attorney General, just solidified his position as the most marijuana-friendly elected official who’s also a Republican.... (more)

Arizona Medical Marijuana Program Hits Record High Number Before 4/20

April 19, 2019

Here's a kind statistic to help light up your 4/20 celebrations: The Arizona medical marijuana program hit a milestone of more than 200,000 total participants for the first time last month, accordin... (more)

Your Guide to the Best 4/20 Parties and Events in Phoenix in 2019

April 19, 2019

This story was originally published on April 17, 2019. Watchu know about 4/20? Probably some pot jokes or even that April 20th happens to be a major holiday for ... (more)

Bushels of Ambition: Q&A With Steve White, CEO of Harvest

April 18, 2019

Steve White, CEO of Harvest Health and Recreation, has become one of the biggest names in the global cannabis industry, overseeing a company with stock now worth about $2.4 billion. ... (more)

The State of Legal Marijuana by This 4/20: Getting Better All the Time

April 18, 2019

Wam, bam, Amsterdam? That’s so 2000s. True, the legendary Dutch coffee shop model, where marijuana is ... (more)

Harsh Vibrations: The Worst Albums to Listen to While Celebrating 4/20

April 17, 2019

According to an old friend, 4/20 is “marijuana Christmas.” And while it seems the holiday itself is the actual present, there’s still lots of positivity to pass around. So, in the... (more)

You Can Celebrate 4/20 at a Drag Show at Mesa Community College

April 16, 2019

On the smoky, marijuana-inspired “holiday” known as 420 Day, the LGBTQ student organizat... (more)

The Ultimate 4/20 Event Guide

April 15, 2019

  The Ultimate 4/20 Event Guide ... (more)