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Herban Planet, LLC Believe it or not, the tiny town of Nipton has gone to pot. No, seriously, it’s been purchased by a American Green Inc. They’re one of America’s largest cannabis companies and they paid $5 million for the town. Interesting times are ahead.

Nipton, California: A Cannabis Paradise


Believe it or not, the tiny town of Nipton has gone to pot. No, seriously, it’s been purchased by the innovators at American Green, Inc. They’re one of America’s largest seed-to-sale cannabis companies and they paid a cool $5 million for the out-of-the-way town.

The company has plans to convert the 80 acres of Nipton into the first-of-it's-kind cannabis resort in America. They have already set aside $2.5 million, which they are hoping to invest in the town to make it a true ganja lover’s paradise. The town might not look like much now, but big things are certainly to come.

Nipton, California

Cannabis-Oriented Vacations

David Gwyther American Green’s president and CEO were quoted as saying that they were excited to lead the charge for what he calls, “a true green.”

Nipton is an old gold rush town that boasts of a handful of houses, an old west-style hotel, a coffee shop, and an RV park. It has a population of only 16 residents.

The town sits next to the Nevada border on the edge of the Mojave Desert, and thus is a hard sell for some travelers. But people looking for cannabis-oriented trips may end up with exactly what they have been searching for.

Revitalizing the Community

American Green Inc. aims to make Nipton a site for growing cannabis and manufacturing cannabis-related products. Its biggest project will be the construction of a plant for bottling cannabis-infused water. The source of the water is the abundant Nipton aquifer.

American Green Inc. has been reaching out to other cannabis companies to see if they will be interested in manufacturing edibles. The hope is that this will help bring new jobs to the area.

David Gwyther is of the view that the prevailing US cannabis revolution is going, “to completely revitalize communities,” similar to how gold did it in the 19th-century.

"The Middle of Nowhere"

The new investment is expected to create greater sustainable development by building on the gains that have already been made with the existing solar plant. Ultimately, American Green hopes to use the project to create a model of small-town revitalization using marijuana.

Nipton has its origins in the gold rush of the early 1900s when deposits of the precious metal were discovered nearby. It existed as a ghost town in the 1950s when it was discovered by Gerald Freeman, the late husband of the current owner, Roxanne Lang.

Freeman was a Los Angeles geologist who made a hobby out of looking for gold during his free time. He liked the fact that the town is located, “in the middle of nowhere.”

Retail Opportunities

It was in 1985 when he eventually bought the town. For the next 30 years, he spent time working to restore its general store and boutique hotel. Guests frequent this tiny hotel to be part of the vast desert country that surrounds Nipton.

With time, this town that holds just above a dozen souls is expected to become the haven for tourists looking for a cannabis-friendly vacation. American Green has plans to spur the development of bed-and-breakfast lodgings, culinary events, artists-in-residence, and cannabis retail outposts.

Get ready for interesting times ahead.