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Once a ‘Marijuana Refugee’ Addyson Benton Has Returned Home In Ohio

As their children are jumping off the wheelchair, feeling comfort rocking softly in their arms, the marijuana migrants of Colorado clasp their hands in a prayer to God, it is a cautious prayer though. They thank God for the marijuana-based serums that soothe and cure their children, that has drawn thousands of families to Colorado to put an end to the squalls of seizures of epilepsy. People from Florida, New York, Virginia, Ohio, are rushing to Colorado to experience the blessing of the medical cannabis products available to them. Some of them are patients themselves; some of them are parents, hoping maybe cannabis will be the cure their children need.

Like many other parents, the Benton family came to Colorado with their daughter Addyson, who was suffering from a severe form of epilepsy, almost hundreds of seizures a day. Addyson had built up a tolerance to all the conventional types of treatment. Like countless people all over the United States, taking refuge in Colorado, the Benton family did too, desperate to ease their daughter Addyson's symptoms of epilepsy.

But why did they come to Colorado? What made them leave their hometown and relatives?

Despite the medicinal benefits of marijuana, Ohio had been refusing to legalize cannabis; it was constantly refusing even to debate a medical marijuana program in the Buckeye State, while many other states have legalized cannabis for medical purposes.

In Early 2015, the Ohio residents, the Bentons put their Liberty Township home in Butler County up for rent, packed up a truck and left their family and friends to join the wave of medical marijuana patients in Colorado, to join the crowd of the medical marijuana refugees flocking there.

There, under the advice and supervision of Dr. Margaret Gedde of Colorado Springs, they started to introduce their daughter Addyson to different medical marijuana products. Every day the Benton parents, Adam or Heather, applied a few marijuana patches or oils to Addyson's ankle, along with other marijuana concentrated products. According to them, the consistent treatment of these medical cannabis products, Addyson's hundreds seizures a day dwindled to ten seizures a day.

In 2015, the Benton’s situation makes a new turn when Addyson, along with her parents, become the faces for the cannabis initiative Issue 3, a cannabis legalization initiative on the ballot in Ohio. #BringAddyHome was the motto for this initiative.

Their hopes were crushed when the initiative did not pass. In September 2016 Ohio did partially legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes only, which will be effective come September 2018. Although there are strict limitations, still the medicinal use of marijuana has earned the legal approval of the state of Ohio.

This approval, holding the little hands of Addyson Benton, has brought about drastic changes in Ohio. Many patients, who have been suffering from serious illnesses, like epilepsy, migraines, cancer, and etc. can experience the beneficial values of medical cannabis products. Like the Bentons, many home-sick marijuana Ohioan refugees have begun the migration to their homes in Ohio. They will all be uniting with family and friends, many after a long period of time. And what is little 6 years old Addyson doing now? Surrounded by family and friends, she cut her birthday cake in June 2017, in her Ohio house; she is now hoping to celebrate her birthday every year, without the fear of sudden seizures.