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San Francisco’s Top 5 Cannabis Lounges for 4/20

April 20th is well known as the largest holiday of the year for us cannabis lovers. Many of us celebrate 420 in different ways and a growing number are beginning to fill their local medicating lounges to smoke socially with others in celebration. Quite a few in the City tend to go to multiple lounges in the day which is always an exciting way to go about it. Many of us find lounge hopping the best way to soak up the city and atmosphere 420 brings to it. Below, in no particular order, are our top 5 picks for cannabis lounges for you own personal San Francisco BudPubCrawl!

The Green Door

The Green Door’s 420 Lounge is always a buzzing hot spot for cannabis lovers in the City. The lounge itself is large and has lots of features. Dab rigs, large TVs, ashtrays, café styled tables, a pool table and more are features of the 420 Lounge. The Club below the lounge offers top shelf flowers, edibles, drinks and an individual “hash bar” that deals with just concentrates. The club and lounge are one of San Francisco’s most popular and rightfully so. Your only complaint might be trying to get in the door or through the crowds. However, it’s worth the wait. I don’t know anyone that ever had a bad 420 at The Green Door and this year’s celebration promises to be the clubs biggest and best ever!

The Bloom Room

The Bloom Room, located in the heart of the action, is always a must visit on any 420 San Francisco holiday. An outstanding menu with lab tested products, concentrates and flower is what this club is known for. The club is genuinely upbeat and their fun-loving staff is quite helpful when it comes to selecting products to try in the lounge. This mid-size and upscale medicating lounge is a great addition to any SF BudPubCrawl!


SPARC is one of the most stylish and uniquely designed medical marijuana clubs in California. Patients who visit SPARC often find it professional, high quality and beautiful. An exotic menu of lab tested concentrates can be vaped by patents in style. SPARC’s medicating lounge is small, however, it has a very “sky lounge” look to it. The beautiful atmosphere and sleek high-end vaporizers make it a top 5 pick for this year’s 420 BudPubCrawl.


Igzactly420 has long been one of the most fun and 100% best medication lounges in Northern California. Igactly420 has a classy lounge which is always humming with activity and good vibes. Nice furniture, high-end atmosphere, vaporizers and more are available to all patients of the club. It’s an excellent lounge to kick back and vape some dank while relaxing with good friends in celebration.

Bernal Heights Collective

Bernal Heights Collective is a great choice to take-in a true San Francisco 420 cannabis experience. This club has a very San Francisco style with even their windows decorated with window paintings of the cities buildings and Golden Gate Bridge. Inside the lounge is inviting and comfortable. More of a locals BudPub but nevertheless a great lounge full of good people and times to come. A truly great spot to grab a dab on your BudPubCrawl while enjoying the lively cannabis buzz energizing the entire city.

With so many cool places to go and events happening in San Francisco on April 20th, it’s hard to choose the best place to spend your holiday. With more lounges opening and events yet to be planed this year in the City will be a true spectacle. Being in just one spot might not be quite enough…That’s why we recommend you try your own personal BudPubCrawl and take in as much of the experience as possible!

Tips to Help You Enjoy a Safe 420 Holiday:

Make sure to bring proper ID to enter the medicating lounges. (VALID CA MMJ CARD and CA ID)
Make sure NOT to drive while medicated on medical marijuana. San Francisco has taxis, buses and “taxi apps” which are easy to use and definitely advised when making a BudPubCrawl. (Be Advised: Driving under the influence of marijuana can result in a DUI.)

A mobile device (such as a smartphone) is recommended to bring on your crawl. Should the need arise, you may want to stay connected and see what pops up last minute as some events often do on 420. Also, it can be useful to find your nearest lounge should you wish to crawl on!

Happy 420 to ALL!