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Smoking Cannabis For Medical Use – How To’s And What To Know Before You Start


What would you think is the most popular method of consuming medical cannabis? Keep in mind, there are several different ways to deliver it into your system. CBD edibles, CBD tinctures and CBD vape pens are probably the newest of the methods however, smoking cannabis continues to be the most popular way people prefer to enjoy it.


Why is Smoking Cannabis So Popular?

This question requires three parts to correctly answer it. The popularity of smoking cannabis has a lot to do with how fast it acts when inhaled. It is through this delivery method that relief of severe symptoms is most efficient. Secondly, it is far easier to control dosage through smoking by taking smaller inhalations in order to reach the preferred level of pain relief. The third and final part is the simplicity that smoking offers. You can easily sample various strains of medical cannabis by smoking which aids in determining the unique effects of each strain.


Smoking Devices

There are a number of different products available to enable you to smoke medical cannabis. The three most popular choices are pipes, water pipes and pre-rolls. To help you understand the benefits of each of these, we will break them down further.


1 – Pipes - Available in many different styles, pipes for medical cannabis have quite a range. There are also many simplified designs that are the most affordable. Pipes only require a lighter or matches to light and permit you to control the amount of cannabis you are inhaling easily.

  • For the best flavour glass pipes are the best choice. They are also considered the safest
  • A hole in the side of the pipe helps you to regulate airflow but must be covered at first when lighting
  • Many pipes are made to accept an optional screen
  • Pipes are easier to clean without the optional screen


2 – Water Pipes - This particular method of smoking medical cannabis comes with a built-in cooling feature. Water pipes come in a rather large spectrum of styles with extra features but they all have one thing in common, they hold water. When you inhale, the smoke is cooled as it passes through a layer of water.

  • Water pipes notoriously produce massive amounts of smoke so be prepared
  • The hole in the side of the pipe is the carb or shotgun. Use it often to remove smoke from the chamber
  • Water pipes require regular cleaning and the water should be replaced before each use
  • Due to the design, they can be knocked over easily so carefully consider placement


3 – Pre-Rolls - Pre-rolls are a fancy term for the cigarette-like cones that have just medical cannabis in them. They can be purchased as is or you can roll them yourself with your standard rolling papers.

  • Provides good flavour and is an easy method to use
  • A regular pre-roll may contain more than one dose
  • Not the most efficient delivery method as some smoke is lost in the air
  • Expect a stronger cannabis aroma when using pre-rolls


How To Smoke Medical Cannabis

We’ve made it clear that smoking cannabis is far more popular than CBD edibles, CBD tinctures and CBD vape pens. However, there is a proper technique to smoking cannabis that will effectively deliver the maximum dosage into your system. If you have never smoked cannabis, this step-by-step guide will help you to benefit from smoking medical cannabis.



A – Lighting - With a lighter or match, inhale softly through the device you are using until you see the flame being pulled gently into the cannabis. This assists in properly igniting the cannabis.


B – Inhaling - When you inhale, draw the smoke deeply into your lungs before you exhale. You may cough a little but that will subside with practice.


C – Exhaling - When you exhale, or blow the smoke out of your lungs, watch to see if smoke actually leaves your mouth and nose. If you do not see smoke it is an indication that either you did not properly light the cannabis or there may be a clog in your smoking device


D – Heat - When igniting your medical cannabis us the minimum amount of heat. This is because the flavour and potency can be severely impacted by excess heat.


E – Dosage - One tip to help regulate the amount of cannabis you consume is to portion out just as much as you plan to use at that given time. This is a good practice of you pre-roll or use a pipe.


F – Grinding - To help your cannabis to burn more evenly and to improve potency, use a grinder when preparing your product for consumption.


G – Storage - To ensure that the flavour and potency are not negatively affected when you are not using cannabis, it is important that it is stored properly. Instructions should be available where you purchased your product such as at a dispensary.

Additional Tips On Smoking Cannabis
If you are a complete newbie, there is another piece of advice that will help you to get used to smoking. Once your device is properly lit, take one or two inhalations and stop. You are doing this to see if you are able to feel any effect from the cannabis before taking further inhalations. If you do not feel anything the first time – or the first few times – you smoke it, don’t let that discourage you. It’s actually quite common. What you need to keep in mind if this happens is to refrain from consuming a larger dose. Instead, just try again at a later time.
In Conclusion

Because smoking is the most popular method of consuming medical cannabis, it only makes sense that you know the ins and outs of how to do it and what kind of tools are available for you to do so. There is no doubt that regular use of medical cannabis is an effective way to manage pain. If you know the right way to do it, you will see benefits sooner than later.