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Herban Planet, LLC You may be curious about the history of marijuana and how it has had many street and slang names used over the years.


The 25 Most Common Street Names for Marijuana



You may be curious about the history of marijuana and how it has had many street and slang names used over the years. In some instances a nickname will be used as code, particularly if you’re around your parents or children and don’t want them to clue into your topic. At other times it can be a term of affection for one of your favorite past times. And like many other drugs, occasionally you’ll learn a few that you’re not familiar with hearing.

               Here is a compilation of the 25 most common slang or street names for marijuana:


1. Mary Jane—Very similar sounding to marijuana, and likely the English equivalent to the Spanish name.

2. Pot—Fairly self-explanatory, it grows quite well in a pot. 

3. Weed—Cigarettes or cigars were originally called this, so eventually it became applicable to a marijuana cigarette            too. It’s mainly from the flower part of the plant.

4. Reefer—The word reefer originally meant rope, and sometimes hemp is used to make rope.

5. Grass—Because it looks green.

6. Dope—It makes you feel dopey. Also in reference to a drug. 

7. Cannabis—The official Latin botanical name of the plant.

8. Skunk—It often smells strongly of a skunk spray and can even be mistaken for it.

9. Giggle Smoke—Because it cheers you up and can make you giggle.

10. Ganja—In India and Nepal they called marijuana ganjika. The name has been shortened to ganja.

11. Joy Stick—Most pertinent to a cigarette that provides joy.

12. Roach—Generally this refers to a weed cigarette after it has been smoked up. Likely because it looks like a bug when smoking is done.

13. Joint—Likely in reference to the special “internal location” you go to after you smoke one.

14. Ding—A similar meaning such as for dope, or ding-a-ling, a silly person.

15. Cripple—Crippy is in reference to a high-grade marijuana. There are types that have “Cripple” in their names.

16. Hash/Hashish—Made from the paste, resin, or sap of the plant. Usually quite strong.

17. Boom—A mix of traditional cigar and marijuana that has been dipped in malt liquor.

18. Dagga—The name of cannabis in South Africa.

19. Herb—Technically, it’s an herb, much like parsley is, and that can be safely consumed.

20. Blanket—Some users smoke under a blanket to mask the smell.

21. Flower—The flowers of the plant are harvested.

22. Bo-Bo—Bobo is one of the strains of marijuana that can be grown.

23. Hot Stick—In reference to a cigarette that is in the shape of a stick.

24. Jolly Green—Very similar to the meaning of joy stick, meaning that it’s fun to smoke.

25. Aunt Mary—Likely a derivation of Mary Jane. 

Depending on where you live regionally, there could be many more names of this bud. Often friends will even create covert names for their favorite recreational activity.