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 The Best Cannabis To Smoke

The use of cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes has slowly been gaining currency, with over half of the states in the US passing laws to legalize its use. This has largely been due to the popular support of marijuana’s use as seen in national polls by reputable polling firms such as Gallup.

As a result of this legalization and the many market players, it is hard for you to find the best cannabis to smoke. Read on to find out what you need to look out for when shopping for quality dank; the difference between a sativa and an indica; what a hybrid looks like; and how to tell if instead of smoking on the herb, you are smoking on fungus or mold.


These have thin leaves which are spread out. They are known for getting you into action as opposed to lazing on the sofa. They have higher levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active chemical that gives you the feeling of being high. For the creatively inclined and the emotionally depressed, this is the strain for you! Use it if you want to talk, think and basically have fun. An example is Golden Goat, which has powerful intoxicating effects.


These have wider leaves which are much closer together. They have more of the active ingredients that relieve pain and anxiety. You can tell an indica apart from any other type of cannabis by its density. So the more compact the bud, the more indica properties it has. Indica helps in pain relief, insomnia, and soothing anxiety. This is because it is known to produce a heavy and body relaxing high.

For athletes who are inclined to suffer from muscle strain and those with long work days, this is the strain for you. An example is the Tohoe OH, which is known for its quick-hitting and immense effects to the body.  It is advisable you smoke it at night. This is quite appropriate as it is a great treatment for insomnia.


These are made up of a mixture of sativa and indica. They are the perfect combination for energizing or relaxing, all to do with the ration of sativa to indica in it. The aim of creating hybrids is to maintain the best qualities of both the sativa and indica parent plants. The result is a super-potent strain preferred by most marijuana users. An example if the Girl Scout Cookies, which is unbelievably potent. It carries sweet, grapey flavors. It is also the winner of various Cannabis Cup awards for its ability to wipe out any level of smoker. It is a great appetite booster and pain reliever.

  Rules of preparation

Regardless of which strain of cannabis you choose to smoke, its preparation should follow the following general rules:

  • It should be properly dried (not too dry) and not moldy. Moldy cannabis is not as potent. The smoke is likely to expose you to lung cancer.
  • If should be properly cured, a process that can take weeks to complete to make the THC even more potent.

Want to live well and enjoy life? Eat well and smoke only the best weed nature has to offer!