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The Different Types of Cannabis Oils and Concentrates

If you’ve been buying cannabis for a very long time, you should understand that there are different types of cannabis concentrates and oils on the market for you to choose from. The amazing part of this is that there are many types still out there to be discovered because people and companies are making new cannabis creations every day.

We are going to walk through the different types of oils and concentrates currently available.

The cannabis concentrates are classified into:

- The method of extraction: The method of extraction (How the cannabis was pulled out) is one of the ways to classify the cannabis concentrates. It could either be Butane, CO2 or sometimes be without any additives by making use of heat and pressure.

- What’s the consistency of the concentrates: concentrate can be either very solid or as liquid - or sometimes, something in between the two. But the two would be your oils and shatter with its glass-like consistency.

- The part of the plant used: the entire cannabis plant can also be utilizedwhen making the concentrate, but, it’s best to use the buds (flowers), the buds resin glands.

Now that you have an idea of the ways to classify the cannabis concentration, it’s time to move on to the types of cannabis concentrates that are soldin the market.

  • Propane Hash Oil (PHO)

Classified under the “Method of Extraction.”The oil is createdby using propane-based extraction. People prefer this oil because it can be turnedinto a creamy concentrate, often referred to as “budder.”Some Propane Hash Oil makers would tell you that depending on the strain; it’spossible to get more terpenes and a little residual by making use of propane.

  • Nug Run

This term is a little vague, but the most common usage is referring to hash oil made from entirely nugs rather than trim material. It is in a slight way similar to the trim tun; thenug run is a term used to talk about a particular marijuana concentrate which is madefrom the combination of some parts of the cannabis plant known as nugs. We are talking about very high-quality nuggets of both flowers and buds; thesetwo are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. The Nug run is very potent even connoisseurs appreciate this concentrate because the taste is great.

  • Wax

You’ve probably seen it before; it’sa cannabis concentrate that looks more like honey. This concentrate is very easy to acquire at dispensaries. Even though there are tons of wax out there, the two major types of wax would be both Butane Hashed Oil (BHO) and Propane Hashed Oil (PHO).

It is known to have a very high level of THC and cannabinoids when compared with other known buds and trim runs.

  • Butane Hash Oil (BHO)

Thiswould be classifiedunder “Method of extraction.”This oil is createdwith the use of butane. Butane acts as a form of solvent, andit also extracts all those juicy terpenes and cannabinoids. But you should be warned that the process of extracting this hash oil is very dangerous. Do not to try this process at home. Even if the process of using butane extraction is dangerous, it's still popular among users. The popularity is due to that BHO is known to contain a high level of THC. The Butane Hash Oil is also usedin the production of some other concentrates including the first one we talked about (Nug Run, hash, shatter and budder).

  • Pull-and-Snap

Pull, and snap refersto the extract that takeson a taffy-like consistency that may “snap” when bent. Just as the name says, you will need to pull and twist (to snap) to make use of it, roll it to a form of ball and drop in your vaporizer.

  • Full Melt

Full Meltis a derivative of hash that is producedby making use of water and ice process. The texture of the full melt feels like sandand brown sugar. Don’t be deceived by this feel though, the potency of this is outstanding. What you get with the full melt is the highest level of terpenes and cannabinoids.

  • Sap

Its consistency classifies sap. Sap is known to be one of the weed concentrates that is very difficult to handle. Advisably, it should be handled and used indoors in a well-ventilated room or environment so that it won’t melt. And coupled with that, a tool should be used to handle it. Youdon’t want to use your fingers to melt the sap.

  • Crumble

Thisis one type of cannabis concentrate that is madefrom butane hash oil. The crumble is madeby pouring the oil in a vacuum oven for some time, make sure the vacuum oven is at a low temperature to get the best results. The crumble is soft compared to shatter.

The best way to consume crumble is through a vaporizer.

Understanding the different common types of cannabis concentrates is important, especially if you’re juststarting out with consuming marijuana. If you have further questions about where to start, it’s best to ask your local dispensary. You can find the nearest dispensary near you by searching our directory here.