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The Rapid Rise In CBD Interest

You’ve heard of cannabis, ganja, chronic, marijuana. But have you heard of CBD?

Within the last year CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, has been in the 420 spotlight. Pop culture icons and basic health-driven fanatics have taken to the non-psychoactive compound in order to assist with daily issues. But while CBD has made its way into the public eye, there are some concerns on its legitimacy and regulation. Could CBD be your next medical alternative? Does it really help improve daily functionality? Below I’m going to detail some highlights of the new, yet blossoming industry.

CBD Sales Are Up!

Expanding to new avenues never before seen within the legal cannabis industry, the CBD marketplace is growing fast. According to a new study by Cowen and Co. CBD sales are expected to grow to $16 billion by 2025. That’s a lot of green! No wonder your favorite dispensaries and green businesses are jumping to create their own Cannabidiol products. Because of the robust recreational and medical cannabis market, CBD is able to thrive not only amongst millennials but older generations that have been wanting to use cannabis products legally without the psychoactive tendencies. Already exceeding expectations, CBD is the perfect market to invest in if you’re already involved or interested in the cannabis industry.

CBD Is Still Cannabis

While the community grows rapidly, there is still a lot of work to be done within the legalities of operating a CBD company. Most federal banks and even social media still consider CBD as an illicit drug, thus restricting business from operating and promoting as normal. In 2018 many companies had to maneuver thru the new industry, some having their facebook pages taken down and even deleted because of cannabis marketing. While most are able to distinguish the major difference between THC and CBD, the federal regulation of CBD still has a long way to go until the two compounds are looked at separately.

Even with the harsh regulations, social media and general pop culture icons flooded the CBD industry. Many Celebrities, supermodels and various influencers have taken to promoting and marketing cannabidiol products because of the diverse audience that is associated with the cannabis community. But while many are able to make claims on CBDs curative effects, are they true?

How Can CBD Help?

CBD has been said to work similar to that of a daily vitamin or supplement, providing the user with a clean and legal alternative for consuming ‘weed’. Of course, it won’t get you high...not even a little! CBD is entirely non psychoactive, though when paired with its counterpart, THC, it has been said to enhance the medicinal effects of cannabis. Many enthusiasts have claimed CBD helped with many different types of ailments such as pain relief, anxiety and countless others. People have been looking to CBD as something more than just a cup of coffee but more like a vitamin or something that will help positively impact their mental and physical state.

Now that you’ve read a little on CBD, you can decide if it’s a good fit for you. While you don’t need to take it daily, there are many convenient products out there from CBD edibles to CBD vape pens that you can explore. Expanding rapidly everyday, CBD is here to help! 

By: Natalya Upshur