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Herban Planet, LLC NuWu Cannabis Marketplace is a retail location in view of the Las Vegas Strip. What makes it unique: the 16,000 square foot facility will be the largest dispensary in the entire world. What makes it even better: it's tax-free.

The World’s Largest Dispensary Comes to Vegas


When it comes to buying your cannabis, there have been a lot of changes since old days of everything being done on the black market.  In many states, we can now walk into a store and purchase whatever product we want or need.  There is an enormous variety of high quality, reliable products available. Even so, NuWu Cannabis Marketplace is going to change the world of cannabis sales.

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace is a retail location in view of the Las Vegas Strip.  It operates on tribal land and as such has been able to find a large amount of space.  The facility itself will be open to the public starting the week of October 16th, ensuring customersfrom all over the world will be able to purchase marijuana in a whole new way.

The retail portion of the facility features over 170 feet of countertop and sits inside a 16,000 square foot building.  Some might think that size doesn’t really matter, but they will have more product available to choose from than any other dispensary. Literally: it’s the largest recreational cannabis marketplace on the planet.


With a large building and has ample storage space for back stock, NuWu can also get bulk purchasing deals so that they can get all of the products you like and want, at the best prices. They pass their savings down to the customer.  Other industries have stores that operate under this idea but, NuWu is the first dispensary of this scale to do so.  Some might say NuWu is the Costco of cannabis.

The store’s design is meant to comfortably accommodate up to 2,500 customers each day, with water walls and spectacular Vegas views to elevate the experience.  With 13 checkout stations, customers will be able to go in, find what they need, and get out, all in a reasonable amount of time.  Less lines, less hassle.  And we’ve all been frustrated by long dispensary lines before. Along with that large number of check stands, the tribe has said that they plan to employ at least 100 employees for the marketplace.

Design, stocking, and choice, aren’t the only things that make NuWu stand out.  Customers will also enjoy the fact that the marketplace is on Paiute tribal land.  That means that taxes won’t be imposed on the store.  Yes, that’s correct: this bud is being sold tax-free. Federal practice prevents state taxing of casinos on tribal land and the same will apply for marijuana sales. Instead of a casino, the Paiute are hoping that NuWu Cannabis Marketplace will be their financial security and as such, they have done a lot to prepare the store.  

The marijuana industry is likely to get a major new player this month with the opening of NuWu Cannabis Marketplace in Nevada.  The largest cannabis dispensary in the world will change the expectations of customers and provide them a place that is truly, 100% designed for cannabis customers.