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Top 10 Herb Grinders

Why do people use grinders? Over time people started to realize, not only does using a grinder save time, but it will also give your flower a more potent flavor. Here is a list of some grinders that are not only a great product, but great deals as well!


1) Waring Commercial WSG30 Electric Spice Grinder

This grinder is going to be my #1 because you don't have to do any work. It is a little more pricey than your average grinder but it is 100% ELECTRIC!  It's awesome because you can put large nugs or amounts of flower in at one time, and it has a safety lid to ensure you don’t overfill and loose flower.



2) The Santa Cruz Shredder

Not only does this grinder break down to 3 different compartments, but it also has a small magnet to keep the compartments and your flower, safe. The last compartment in this grinder is awesome, when breaking down flower this little compartment will catch the smaller particles of flower known as kief.


3) The Space Case

Alike the Santa Cruz Shredder this grinder has 3 compartments as well. This company is awesome because they even provide you a little scoop, not just to break down your flower faster, but to produce more kief as well! This grinder also has ridges along the top compartment to create an easier, smoother, grinding experience.

4) Sharpstone

The sharpstone is one of my personal favorites, it is super smooth and affordable! These grinders are awesome because they make a variety of sizes, colors, and compartments. This is usually the grinder you find at your average corner store/ smoke shop. Not only great quality but super convenient!




5) Golden Gate Grinders

These grinders are great! Just like the Sharpstone, this grinder is equipped with 3 compartments and affordable. The Golden Gate Grinders also have ridges at the top to make your grinding experience easier. I love this grinder because the spikes are usually much sharper on this grinder compared to any other.




6) Wooden Grinders

Wooden grinders make it to the list not just for the looks but the discretion also. Not many people like the fact that people will know they smoke. This grinder is awesome because you can put it almost anywhere and it will just look like a jewelry box!


7) Plastic Grinders

Plastic grinders are convenient because not only do they get the job done, but they are extremely affordable. These grinders are diverse, meaning you can get them in almost any color, some even come in 2 and 3 compartments. Just don’t leave them in a super hot environment or they'll melt!



8) Two Compartment Grinders

This grinder is specific to those who don't like to break down their flower all the way. I personally like this grinder because you keep all the potency with the nugs, rather than separating them. Two compartment grinders are usually much more portable and convenient!



9) Card Grinders

This grinder is probably the most common in on-the-go smokers! You could keep this card in your wallet, purse - shoot, even your back pocket! It is awesome because it is super discrete, easy to clean and only about $5 at your average smoke shop.





This is one of my personal favorites! Grinders sometimes are heavy, metal, or just inconvenient to carry around in your bag. Grinding flower by hand has been around for decades and will always be a trend. You do however get some of the more sticky particles attached to your hands after and will need to wash your hands before and after grinding!


By: Arianna Munoz