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'It Just Destroyed Me': Phoenix Man Hospitalized in Suspected Vaping Illness Case

September 11, 2019

Phoenix resident Kyle Levendoski woke up one recent morning vomiting blood and thought he was going to die. The 27-year-old man soon found himself in the hospital for four days ... (more)

New Mexico Is Giving Medical Pot Cards to Nonresidents — But Was It a Mistake?

September 10, 2019

New Mexico has begun issuing medical marijuana cards to residents of other states, a move that could boost New Mexico’s medicinal cannabis industry and also influence potential new laws in Arizona.... (more)

Vaping-Related Deaths and Illnesses Spare Arizona, for Now

September 09, 2019

Five people are dead and hundreds have been hospitalized across 33 states because of a mysterious pulmonary illness connected to THC- and nicotine-filled e-cigarettes. But Arizona so far seem... (more)

Medical Marijuana Patients Wonder How Legalization Could Affect Them

August 15, 2019

How will the Arizona medical marijuana program fare if voters approve an ... (more)

Cannabis Health Club: Phoenix Group Helps Women of Color Cope With Life

August 13, 2019

Chronic Sad Girls Club is a safe space where women, and in particular women of color, can come together to discuss cannabis and mental h... (more)

Here Are the Details on the Arizona Recreational Cannabis Ballot Measure for 2020

August 09, 2019

The last adult-use cannabis legalization measure on the ballot in Arizona, ... (more)

Hey Kari Lake, Your Favorite Music Is by Potheads

August 05, 2019

You may have heard that Fox 10’s Kari Lake doesn’t think highly of Phoenix New Times because we’re a “bunch of 20-year-old dopes.” She ... (more)

Right-Wing Site Blasts Journalist's 'Media Bias' but Uses Misleading Pot Stats

August 01, 2019

Conservative website The Federalist attacked local journalist Howard Fischer this week for a mistake about Arizona Governor Doug Ducey's position on legal cannabis, which indeed was a doozy that nee... (more)