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Wedding Trends: What You Need to Know to Throw a Marijuana Wedding

You’re at a wedding and you pass the bar...but not a regular bar...a cannabis bar! Filled with various infused goods, prerolls, and even dabs. As guests pass by, the knowledgeable budtender helps and assists adults in a nice puff before they resume he reception. A medicated cake, smoking section and even a cannabis goodie bag for guest to take home. A stoners dream wedding!

As marijuana becomes more mainstream, cannabis friendly wedding have been on the rise. With various cannabis professionals branching out into the vast market of weed weddings, many have wondered how to legally and correctly display cannabis at their events. Luckily as the market expands, many companies and wedding planners make it easy for you. Below we’ve provided some key details you should know before hosting cannabis at your wedding:


Step 1: Make sure you’re in a legal state

If you’re in a legal state, such as California, Colorado, Washington or Oregon, you may have thought about infusing cannabis into your wedding. There may even be companies within your are that offer various weed wedding planning services. These cannabis experts will often get you more details on how to effectively have a bud bar or a cannabis section during your reception. While cannabis is a friendly herb, some states are not as friendly in regards to their laws of consuming cannabis. Your top priority when hosting cannabis at your weddings should be the safety and the legality of safe consumption, so make sure to research your local laws and regulations before sparking up that joint down the aisle.

Step 2: Find the perfect Weed Wedding Planner

As the market expands many professional wedding planners have converted their services to serve those cannabis friendly couples. Now hosted annually, The Cannabis Wedding Expo is a perfect place to search for ganja friendly professionals that’ll be sure to take your Weeding to the next level. Want to explore cannabis wedding services near you? Click here.

Step 3: Gather your wedding favors

One of the best things about throwing a cannabis friendly wedding is giving something special to your guests. With a weed wedding the medicated party favors are endless and it’s the perfect opportunity to share your favorite cannabis brands or strains with your community. There are many cannabis infused munchies and dessert you can offer, as well as many take home items like customizable rolling papers, lighters and more.

Step 4: Secure your “Bud” Bar

The main key to a cannabis wedding is of course the bud or dab bar, where your guest can enjoy a nice puff while celebrating your big day. There are many companies that specialize in providing a licenced budtender and knowledge staff to assist your guests in choosing the perfect toke. Choose one that speaks best to you, whether it edibles, flower or dabs.