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Weed Lollipops DIY

All you need to make your own THC Lollipops is simple. But one of the main ingredients, the one that gets you high, is the cannabis tincture or concentrate. So in order for you to complete this recipe you’ll need to stop by your favorite dispensary or make your own tincture at home. We’ve provided a simple THC tincture recipe for those who would like to have their own potent cannabis concentrate. Reminder: This recipe let’s you choose your potency, we’d recommend anywhere from a half oz - 1oz of cannabis flower for medium dosage.

Cannabis Tincture Recipe

Ingredients and Equipment:

  • Cannabis flower or trim (recommended ½ oz - 1 oz)
  • Vodka, brandy, vegetable glycerin, or everclear
  1. In a grinder, break up your high-quality cannabis flower until it’s in small leafy pieces.
  2. Decarboxylation by heating up  your weed at 255 F for 30 mins to activate the cannabinoids.
  3. Put your weed into a jar containing the alcohol solvent (i.e. Everclear).
  4. Keep in container until it reaches your prefered potency. This can take 2 to 4 weeks.
  5. Strain out the plant material with cheesecloth and place the concentrated cannabis tincture in a small bottle.
  6. Store until use.

*TIP: You can also evaporate out some of the alcohol to make it more potent

Weed Lollipops Recipe

Ingredients and Equipment:

  • Cannabis Tincture or decarboxylated cannabis concentrate (CO2 extract, etc.)
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Lollipop or hard candy molds
  • Candy thermometer
  • ½ cup of corn syrup
  • ¼ cup of clean-filtered water
  • Citrus flavoring
  1. Combine in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat:
    • 1 cup of natural sugar
    • ½ cup of corn syrup
    • ¼ cup of clean-filtered water
  2. Turn heat to medium-high and stir sugar until completely dissolved. Bring to boil.
  3. Once boiling take the temperature with your candy thermometer, till it reads 300 F
  4. Immediately remove from heat. Keep your thermometer in the pot.
  5. When the temperature drops to 250 F, then stir in:
    • 1 tsp cannabis tincture
    • 2-3 tsp citrus flavoring.
    • *If the tincture is alcohol based, be sure it is not exposed to flames or other fire sources.
  6. Pour the mixture into your lollipop molds and insert your lollipop sticks.
  7. Allow to cool completely, for about 15-20 minutes.

*BEWARE: Make sure to test the strength of your lollipops before you use heavily. Remember the strength is the amount of tincture you have used, divided by the number of lollipops. If you’re unsure just have one lollipop and wait two hours to feel the full effects.


By: Natalya Upshur

Contact: media@herbanplanet.com