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Herban Planet, LLC Zig Zags are a brand of rolling papers, that originated in France. They have been used for more than 100 years now, and are one of the most well known brand of rolling papers.

What are Zig Zags?

Zig Zags are a brand of rolling papers, that originated in France. They have been used for more than 100 years now, and are one of the most well known brand of rolling papers. Their popularity and quality are the reason they have been in the mainstream for such a long time. There are so many different brands of rolling papers available in the market today, but you can never go wrong with the Zig Zags paper. If you wish to use a filter, the same way if, you wish to use a cigarette roller or not is a personal choice.

The zig zags rolling papers, are high in quality, and ultra thin. This does not mean they will tear easily, or are weak. The zig zags have been offering its customers with a great rolling paper for decades now. Using the zig zags rolling paper, you can ensure that you will experience two great advantages. One is that they will not burn quickly, and the second is that depending on your choice they will not produce any extra taste while smoking.


The zig zags rolling paper have been the first choice of people around the world, and that is because of their quality. Their quality is the reason why people still choose the Zig Zags rolling paper. Even now, when there are tons of cigarette brands, many people still prefer the Zig Zag rolling papers, as they are used to the standard it has to offer.


History of Rolling Papers

The exact history is clouded, due to all the smoke around; but the legend says that Spain was the country of origin. When Christopher Columbus returned to America, he many tales of tobacco. As everyone could not afford these cigarettes, the peasants used newspapers and attempt to create the same experience. As the newspaper was bad for health, there was a need for something more affordable and safe. Hence, the rolling paper was invented.

These rolling papers were most popular when the cigarette tax flared up, and cigarette smokers were forced to buy rolling papers. This helped them save money they would waste, while ensuring that their daily dose of tobacco was taken care of. It did not take the stoners long to follow the smokers. As soon they started to buy rolling paper too, which increased their demand.


Rolling papers are made from materials such as rice straws, hemp, wood or flax pulp. These papers vary from 70mm to 110mm long, and come in many different widths. So you can pick the right size according to your needs.


How to Roll a Cigarette?

One of the most debated subjects about rolling papers is how to roll a cigarette. As this will depend entirely on the smoker, as some prefer a machine rolled cigarette, and others enjoy the process of rolling their own cigarette. The better way is the way you prefer, but rolling them using a machine will help save time.

An Easy Guide To Using Rolling Papers

You can start by making the filter, or you can use a filter you have bought. A filter is used to ensure that the smoke flows smoothly, and prevents your lips from burning. If you want to make your own filter, you can use any thin card, for instance a business card. Place the rolling paper on the table and ensure that the glue is on the top. Sprinkle the tobacco on the bottom in a line, and leave some room around the edges. Add your filter on the left side, and start rolling from the bottom up; till you reach the glue, and then simply seal it.