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What is Chronic Weed?

You can find many different types of weed out there in the market. Out of these, chronic weed has received much attention in the recent past. What exactly is chronic weed? Chronic weed can simply be defined as extremely potent weed. In other words, chronic weed is a strong Indica. This nature has contributed a lot towards the popularity of chronic weed among people.


Chronic can be considered as a serious flower. This is a plant that can easily be grown under a variety of environmental conditions. From the recent studies, it has been identified that chronic plant has the ability to produce up to 600 grams of weed per square meter. Such results can be obtained under 600W light. In other words, a gram per watt can be obtained from this plant. On the other hand, desirable yields provided by chronic can be obtained through both soil and hydro methods. Out of these methods, the hydro techniques require a lower time period during the vegetable stage. It is somewhere around 3 days. However, fledglings would require a little more time in order to get rooted within soil. It would be somewhere around one week.


Chronic tends to grow as a huge end bud. The surrounding side buds are much smaller when compared to it. This unique feature makes it an ideal candidate for sea of green method. The chronic colas are considered to be monstrous. The serous seeds have the ability to advice against clipping, which can promote larger side buds. As a result, the yield would be reduced by a considerable amount.

Chronic weed was once considered as a predominant Indica breed. It has been updated along with sativa cross from the year 2000. Since then, the resin content and the strength of this weed were increased along with time. This delivered a subtle sweet and a spicy scent intact to the weed. This type of weed comes along with a complete spectrum of effects. These effects generate within the minds of the consumers and then they spread throughout the entire body. It has also been identified that chronic weed is associated with a slight wildflower scent. The flavor delivered by it is not associated with any tang or pungency. The smell that comes out of this is subtle. In case if the plant is alive, the smell can be enhanced in order to give life to a delicious sweetness. However, chronic weed should be dried properly in order to get this sweetness.


Chronic weed has displayed two different phenotypes in the past. The breeding of this weed has started at the beginning of this century. Therefore, it has been somewhat uniform throughout the past. However, the density of the buds has slightly increased within the past. In addition, it has become more resinous. Chronic weed flowers early and they indicate gender easily. The excellent variety that can be found in between them have also contributed a lot towards their popularity.