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As drug tests are conducted with important reasoning, failing them is not something you want to go through. Whether you undergo the test for a potential hiring employer, as a requirement of your sport’s league, or because you were involved in a major car accident, there is no circumstance in which you want drug use to show up in your testing.

Being that cannabis is now legal in many states, individuals are beginning to increase the amount of experimenting. However, with the increase in popularity comes increased hesitation. As marijuana starts to become more accepted, is there any particular reason for one to be scared of taking CBD?

CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol is a compound found in marijuana plants used to relieve stress and anxiety. It can come in a variety of different ratios; Some with higher levels of THC than others, and some with lower. Hemp-based CBD oils and pills do not come with high levels of THC. Hemp-based CBD oils typically contain no more than 3.5% THC,making them a better decision for those striving to receive healing benefits rather than euphoric effects known to come with medical cannabis.

As CBD is a compound, it is not always comprised of the same ratios each time. For that reason, many users are unaware of the amount of THC in their system after the use of CBD. Only some manufacturers are transparent about the levels of THC and CBD put in their products as they make use of a high-quality extraction method. Even when people believe that the cannabis compounds can work more effectively together than they would in isolation—otherwise known as the entourage effect—you will still find about 0.5% THC.

Not only is there the issue of accidentally exceeding the limit of CBD that your body should contain, but there is also the issue of being subjected to a drug test that your body may fail. As drug tests particularly look for levels of THC in the blood stream, one may think that exposing themselves to CBD is acceptable. However, because individuals are not made aware of the levels of THC in CBD products, drug tests may show up negative. The lack of transparency and poorly manufactured products can result in a situation in which ndividuals fail drug tests and lose what they work hard for.

The Importance of the Volume consumed

All CBD oil contains even the slightest bit of THC. As CBD is compounded differently by each manufacturer, the comprised amount varies. With that being said, it is still possible for one to test positive when making use of CBD oils with low levels of THC; This is because of the volume consumed. If an individual consumes great amounts of CBD oils with low levels, the dosages of THC add up and become a large level instead. If you consume over 1,000 mg of CBD oil every day, you will be consuming over 3mg of THC as well—enough to make you fail a drug test.

The volume of CBD consumed plays an important role as even the slightest bits of THC can add up to be something much bigger in size over time.

CBD On A Drug Test

When volume and manufacturer are carefully considered, it is possible to prevent the visibility of CBD on a drug test. Buying CBD oils and products from a trusted and transparent, high-quality manufacturer and consuming moderate amounts can give you the ability to enjoy the benefits of the compound without the risk of negatively results during testings.

If you have further questions about where to start, contact your local dispensary. You can find the nearest dispensary near you by searching our directory here.