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The client base of our legal practice spans individuals to small and mid-size business and legal entities. We advise a diverse mix of clients, including entrepreneurs, product manufacturers and retailers; employers; medical cannabis cultivators, collectives and patients; landlords and property owners; trade schools; doctors; and a broad range of individuals and entities involved in regulatory and criminal matters. We have the depth of legal knowledge, training and experience to assist our clients with various needs that cut across a number of different substantive practice areas. We combine innovation, wisdom, caution, and aggressiveness with a firm legal understanding and a deep knowledge of our clients’ needs and businesses to resolve their legal challenges in creative ways. We also take great pride in the quality of our services, the success of our clients and the relationships that are forged through those successes. Chernis Law Group makes it our business to keep abreast of changes in the medical marijuana laws and arm our clients with that knowledge. It is our prime directive to keep our client out of harm’s way, and we believe an educated and informed client is critical to the equation. Regardless of whether you are an individual who simply wants to use medical marijuana personally and understand how many plants you can cultivate legally, or you are seeking to cultivate for a collective or operate a dispensary, and earn money in the process, Chernis Law Group can counsel you about your rights and how your desired activity can be done legally under the California medical marijuana laws. Chernis Law Group are sophisticated thinkers and creative strategists adept at solving complex problems, and bring that training and sophistication to medical marijuana as it continues to evolve and raise new and cutting-edge challenges and opportunities. Our clients include storefront dispensaries, mobile collectives, landlords, edible manufacturers, cultivators, trade groups and primary caregivers. We have even drafted model ordinances for cities regulating cultivations and dispensaries.


  • - Experience drafting model ordinances for cities

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